Whats the difference between uninstalling and deleting an app?

Answered by Edward Huber

Uninstalling and deleting an app are two different processes that serve different purposes. Let’s delve into the details of each:

1. Uninstalling an app:
– Uninstalling refers to the process of completely removing an application and all of its associated files from a computer or device.
– When you uninstall an app, the operating system runs a series of actions to remove the program’s files, registry entries, and any other components that were installed during the app’s installation process.
– Uninstalling an app ensures that all traces of the program are removed, freeing up valuable storage space on your hard drive.
– This process typically involves using the built-in uninstall feature provided by the operating system or the app’s dedicated uninstaller.
– Uninstalling an app is a recommended way to remove unwanted or unused programs from your device, as it ensures a clean removal without leaving behind any unnecessary files or clutter.

2. Deleting an app:
– Deleting an app, on the other hand, simply refers to removing the app’s shortcut or icon from your device’s home screen or app drawer.
– When you delete an app, you are only removing the entry point to the program, but the app’s associated files and data may still remain on your device.
– Deleting an app does not typically remove all the files and components that were installed when the app was initially installed.
– This process is often used for temporarily removing apps that you do not use frequently or for organizing your device’s home screen.
– It is important to note that deleting an app will not free up significant storage space on your device, as the app’s files and data will still be present.

To summarize, uninstalling an app removes all traces of the program and its associated files from your device, while deleting an app only removes the shortcut or icon without deleting the app’s files and data. Uninstalling is a more thorough and recommended approach when you want to completely remove an app from your device and free up storage space.

Personal Experience:
In my personal experience, I have encountered situations where I deleted an app without uninstalling it, thinking that it would remove all its files. However, I later realized that the app’s data and files were still occupying storage space on my device. This led to unnecessary clutter and reduced available storage capacity. From that experience, I learned the importance of properly uninstalling apps to ensure complete removal and optimize storage space on my device.