What wines are made in NC?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

North Carolina is known for producing a variety of wines, showcasing its diverse climate and terroir. The state has a long history of winemaking, dating back to the early 19th century. Today, North Carolina is home to over 200 wineries and vineyards, producing a wide range of wines.

One of the most popular types of wines made in North Carolina is Chardonnay. This versatile white wine is grown in various regions across the state, including the Yadkin Valley and the High Country. North Carolina Chardonnay typically exhibits flavors of apple, pear, and citrus, with a smooth and creamy texture.

Italian red wines also have a strong presence in North Carolina. Sangiovese, in particular, thrives in the state’s climate and soil conditions. This traditional Italian grape variety produces elegant and medium-bodied red wines with vibrant acidity and flavors of cherry, plum, and herbs. North Carolina Sangiovese wines often exhibit a balanced and food-friendly character.

Bordeaux-style red blends are also well-regarded in North Carolina. These wines are typically made from a blend of classic Bordeaux grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. North Carolina’s warm climate and fertile soil contribute to the development of rich and full-bodied red blends, with flavors of blackberry, black currant, and spice.

Speaking of Cabernet Sauvignon, this noble grape variety is also cultivated in North Carolina. The state’s warm summers and mild winters provide favorable conditions for growing this bold and structured red wine. North Carolina Cabernet Sauvignon often exhibits ripe black fruit flavors, firm tannins, and a long, lingering finish.

In addition to these popular wine styles, North Carolina is also known for producing other white wines such as Viognier and other blends. Viognier, a fragrant and aromatic white grape variety, thrives in the state’s warm climate. North Carolina Viognier wines typically display floral aromas, tropical fruit flavors, and a rich, full-bodied texture.

North Carolina’s wine industry continues to grow and evolve, with winemakers experimenting with different grape varieties and winemaking techniques. The state’s unique climate and diverse terroir offer an exciting range of wines for both casual drinkers and wine enthusiasts to explore. Whether you’re a fan of white wines like Chardonnay and Viognier, or prefer reds like Sangiovese and Bordeaux-style blends, North Carolina has something to offer for every palate.