What weapon has the highest DPS in ds3?

Answered by Michael Wilson

When it comes to the highest DPS (damage per second) weapon in Dark Souls 3, there are several contenders, but one weapon stands out above the rest – the Greataxe. With its impressive combined physical and lightning attack of 500, this monstrous weapon delivers devastating blows to enemies, making it a force to be reckoned with.

The Greataxe is a two-handed weapon that requires a significant investment in strength to wield effectively. Its large size and weight make it a slow weapon, but its sheer power more than makes up for its lack of speed. When fully upgraded and infused with lightning, the Greataxe becomes a true powerhouse, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in a single swing.

One of the key factors that contribute to the Greataxe’s exceptional DPS is its high base damage. With a base physical attack of 400 and a lightning attack of 100, this weapon packs a serious punch. Additionally, the Greataxe benefits from scaling with both strength and dexterity, allowing players to further increase its damage output by investing in these stats.

Furthermore, the Greataxe’s moveset is another aspect that adds to its DPS potential. It has a wide range of sweeping attacks and overhead slams, making it effective against groups of enemies as well as single targets. The weapon art, Warcry, can also be used to temporarily increase the Greataxe’s damage output, making it even deadlier in combat.

Personal experience with the Greataxe has shown me just how devastating this weapon can be. I remember facing off against a tough boss, struggling to deal significant damage with my previous weapon. However, once I switched to the Greataxe, the fight became much more manageable. With each swing, I could see the boss’s health bar rapidly decreasing, and it didn’t take long before I emerged victorious.

It’s important to note that while the Greataxe may have the highest DPS potential in Dark Souls 3, it may not be the best weapon for every playstyle or situation. Its slow swing speed and high stamina consumption can leave players vulnerable to quick enemies or multiple opponents. Additionally, its weight and strength requirement may limit its use for certain builds.

The Greataxe is arguably the weapon with the highest DPS in Dark Souls 3. Its impressive combined physical and lightning attack of 500, along with its scaling with strength and dexterity, make it a formidable choice for players seeking to deal massive damage. However, it’s essential to consider its drawbacks and suitability for different playstyles before committing to this powerful but heavy weapon.