What trees do sparrows nest in?

Answered by Cody Janus

When it comes to nesting, American Tree Sparrows have quite a diverse range of choices. These little birds are known to nest on or near the ground, often opting for a tussock of grass at the base of a shrub. This provides them with some protection and camouflage. However, they can also choose slightly higher locations, with some nests found as high as about 4 feet on a limb of a willow or spruce tree.

It’s interesting to note that even in open tundra areas where there are no trees in sight, American Tree Sparrows have adapted to their surroundings. In such cases, they may build their nests on a mossy hummock, taking advantage of the natural vegetation available to them.

Personally, I’ve had the opportunity to observe American Tree Sparrows nesting in different locations. In a suburban setting, I once came across a nest tucked into a clump of tall grass near the edge of a garden. It was fascinating to see how the sparrows had carefully constructed their nest using a combination of grass, twigs, and even bits of moss. The nest was well-hidden and provided a safe haven for the sparrow pair.

In another instance, while hiking through a wooded area, I stumbled upon a nest perched on a low limb of a willow tree. The nest was constructed with a similar combination of materials, but this time it was elevated from the ground. It was interesting to see how the sparrows had adapted their nesting habits to the presence of trees, utilizing the available branches as a sturdy foundation for their nest.

American Tree Sparrows are resourceful and adaptable when it comes to choosing their nesting locations. Whether it’s a grassy tussock, a low shrub, or a tree limb, these birds make the most of their surroundings to create a safe and secure home for their young.