What town was Longmire filmed?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

The town in which “Longmire” was filmed is actually not in Wyoming, as the setting of the show suggests. Instead, the majority of filming took place in various locations throughout New Mexico. The decision to film in New Mexico instead of Wyoming was likely made for a variety of reasons, including financial incentives, accessibility, and the availability of suitable filming locations.

According to information from IMDB, the production team chose several cities in New Mexico to stand in for the fictional town of Durant, Wyoming. Santa Fe, the state capital, was one of the primary filming locations. Its picturesque landscapes, historic buildings, and diverse architecture provided a versatile backdrop for the show. Many scenes featuring the sheriff’s office, the courthouse, and other key locations were filmed in Santa Fe.

Another town that served as a filming location for “Longmire” is Red River, located in northern New Mexico. This charming mountain town offered a rustic and scenic setting that matched the show’s depiction of the rugged Wyoming landscape. The show’s producers took advantage of Red River’s natural beauty and incorporated it into various outdoor scenes.

Las Vegas, New Mexico, also played a role in the filming of “Longmire.” This historic town, known for its Victorian architecture and small-town charm, provided a different atmosphere compared to Santa Fe and Red River. It offered a unique backdrop for certain scenes and added to the overall authenticity of the show.

Eagle Nest, a small village in northern New Mexico, was another location used for filming. Its proximity to the mountains and lakes made it an ideal spot for capturing the scenic beauty of Wyoming, even though it was actually in a different state. The production team likely found the landscapes in Eagle Nest to closely resemble the rugged terrain of Wyoming depicted in the show.

While it may disappoint some fans who were hoping to visit the actual locations featured in “Longmire,” the decision to film in New Mexico was likely driven by practical considerations. The state offers a variety of landscapes that can stand in for different parts of Wyoming, and it also provides financial incentives for filming projects. These factors, combined with the logistical advantages and accessibility of New Mexico, made it a favorable choice for the production team.

“Longmire” was primarily filmed in various locations in New Mexico, including Santa Fe, Red River, Las Vegas, and Eagle Nest. Although these towns may not be the actual locations depicted in the show’s setting of Wyoming, they were chosen for their scenic beauty, architectural diversity, and suitability for filming purposes.