What to say instead of looking forward to working with you?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

When expressing your enthusiasm for working with someone, it’s important to use language that is personal, explicit, and avoids repetition. Rather than simply saying “looking forward to working with you,” here are some alternatives that can convey your excitement and anticipation in a more engaging and specific way:

1. Anticipating our collaboration: I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to collaborate with you. Your expertise and unique perspective will be invaluable to our work together.

2. Anxiously awaiting our partnership: I fondly anticipate the opportunity to partner with you. Your skills and knowledge are exactly what we need to achieve our goals.

3. Excitedly looking forward to our teamwork: I eagerly await the chance to work together as a team. Your dedication and passion for the project are inspiring.

4. Anticipating your valuable contribution: I have high expectations of the impact you will make. I am eagerly awaiting your input and ideas as we work together towards our shared objectives.

5. Enthusiastically awaiting your involvement: Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated as I eagerly await your involvement in this project. I am confident that your contribution will be instrumental to our success.

6. Anxiously anticipating your response: I await your reply with great expectation. I am excited to discuss the details and get started on our collaboration.

Remember, it is important to be genuine in your expressions and tailor them to the specific situation. By using personal experiences, you can provide a more detailed and authentic response.