What to say before someone has a game?

Answered by Robert Dupre

When it comes to supporting your child before a game, there are countless things parents say to help motivate and encourage them. Here are 71 examples of what parents might say before their child’s game:

1. “Be awesome.”
2. “Give it 200% and don’t just be good, be great!”
3. “Be fierce!”
4. “Kick some ass.”
5. “Get it, girl!”
6. “Play smart, remember all the work you’ve done, and have fun.”
7. “Don’t suck.”
8. “Work hard, hustle, and have fun!”
9. “You’ve got this!”
10. “Believe in yourself.”
11. “Focus on the game and leave everything else behind.”
12. “Trust your skills.”
13. “Remember why you love the game.”
14. “Stay confident.”
15. “Play with heart.”
16. “Give it your all.”
17. “Don’t hold back.”
18. “Stay positive.”
19. “Stay calm and composed.”
20. “Control what you can control.”
21. “Be a team player.”
22. “Support your teammates.”
23. “Encourage each other.”
24. “Play for each other.”
25. “Have each other’s backs.”
26. “Communicate on the field.”
27. “Stay focused on the game plan.”
28. “Don’t let mistakes get to you.”
29. “Learn from every play.”
30. “Never give up.”
31. “Keep pushing until the final whistle.”
32. “Remember that every game is a learning opportunity.”
33. “Be a leader on and off the field.”
34. “Give it your best shot.”
35. “Leave it all on the field.”
36. “Enjoy the experience.”
37. “You’ve trained hard for this. Trust your training.”
38. “Remember the fundamentals.”
39. “Stay disciplined.”
40. “Stay aggressive.”
41. “Play with intensity.”
42. “Stay focused on the task at hand.”
43. “Remember to breathe and stay calm.”
44. “Visualize success.”
45. “Play with passion.”
46. “Never underestimate yourself.”
47. “You’ve got the skills, now show them.”
48. “Be a force to be reckoned with.”
49. “Play with determination.”
50. “Have fun and enjoy the game.”
51. “Play with sportsmanship.”
52. “Respect the opponents.”
53. “Play fair.”
54. “Support your teammates, even when things get tough.”
55. “Remember to stay hydrated.”
56. “Stay positive, even if things don’t go your way.”
57. “Celebrate every small victory.”
58. “Stay focused on the present moment.”
59. “Play with confidence, but stay humble.”
60. “You are prepared for this.”
61. “Trust your instincts.”
62. “Remember that mistakes happen. It’s how you recover that matters.”
63. “Play with determination and grit.”
64. “Stay mentally tough.”
65. “Embrace the challenge.”
66. “Play with heart and soul.”
67. “Remember that you are part of a team.”
68. “Support each other, no matter what.”
69. “Play with integrity.”
70. “Remember to have fun and enjoy the game.”
71. “We are proud of you, no matter the outcome.”

These are just a few examples of the many things parents might say to their children before a game. The important thing is to provide support, encouragement, and motivation to help them perform their best and enjoy the experience.