What to say at the beginning of a wedding?

Answered by Cody Janus

When beginning a wedding ceremony, it is important to set the tone and create a sense of unity among all those in attendance. Here are some suggestions for what to say at the beginning of a wedding:

1. Welcome and gratitude: Start by welcoming everyone to the ceremony and expressing gratitude for their presence on this special day. Acknowledge the significance of their support and the role they play in the couple’s lives.

2. Acknowledge the couple’s journey: Share a brief reflection on the couple’s journey leading up to this moment. You can mention how they met, any challenges they have overcome, or special moments they have shared. This helps to personalize the ceremony and remind everyone of the unique love story being celebrated.

3. Celebrate love and commitment: Emphasize the importance of love and commitment, not only between the couple but also within the broader community. Highlight the significance of witnessing and affirming these vows as a collective act of support and celebration.

4. Honor the couple’s families: Acknowledge the families of the couple and the role they have played in shaping their lives and relationships. Express gratitude for their presence and the love they have shared with the couple.

5. Set the intention: Invite everyone to set an intention for the ceremony. This could be a moment of reflection, prayer, or simply a reminder to be fully present and engaged in this joyous occasion. Encourage everyone to embrace the love and happiness in the room and to offer their blessings to the couple.

6. Call for participation: Encourage everyone to actively participate and engage in the ceremony. Let them know that their presence and energy are vital to creating a meaningful and memorable experience for the couple.

7. Embrace unity: Remind everyone that today is a celebration of love, and that regardless of their individual beliefs or backgrounds, they are all united in supporting and honoring the couple’s union. Encourage them to embrace this unity and bring their own love and joy to the ceremony.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and you can personalize your words to reflect the couple’s unique story and your own style as the officiant. The aim is to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere, where love and commitment are celebrated by all.