What to do with succulents when it rains?

Answered by Jason Smith

When it comes to protecting succulents from excessive rain, there are several steps you can take to ensure their safety and prevent damage. Here are some effective methods that you can consider:

1. Covering with an umbrella, tent, or shelter: One of the simplest ways to shield your outdoor succulents from heavy rainfall is by using a large umbrella or a tent. Ensure that the umbrella or tent has a sturdy base to withstand strong winds. This method allows you to easily remove the coverings when the rain subsides and allows for better control over the amount of water your succulents receive.

2. Using a tarp or UV plastic sheet: Another option is to cover your succulents with a tarp or a UV resistant plastic sheet. This will protect them from excessive rain and also provide some shelter from strong winds. Make sure to secure the tarp properly to prevent it from blowing away during storms.

3. Installing a polycarbonate sheet: If you have a larger succulent garden or a collection of potted succulents, you might consider installing a polycarbonate sheet as a permanent protective cover. This material is durable, UV resistant, and allows light to penetrate, ensuring your plants receive adequate sunlight while staying dry.

4. Improving airflow: Adequate airflow is crucial for succulents, even during rainy periods. Excess moisture can lead to root rot and other issues. To promote better airflow, avoid overcrowding your succulents and ensure they are not planted too close together. Prune any overgrown branches or leaves that may impede air circulation. This will also help prevent the spread of diseases and pests.

5. Pruning succulents: Pruning can help prevent succulent leaves from touching the damp ground, reducing the risk of rot. Trim any lower leaves that may come into contact with water and remove any damaged or decaying parts of the plant. Additionally, removing excess foliage can also help reduce the surface area that rainwater can collect on, minimizing the chances of overwatering.

Personal experience: I have a small succulent garden in my backyard, and during heavy rain seasons, I have encountered issues with waterlogged soil and root rot. To protect my succulents, I opted for covering them with a UV resistant plastic sheet. This allowed enough light to reach the plants while shielding them from excessive rainfall. I also made sure to prune any leaves that were touching the ground, improving airflow and reducing the risk of rot. These measures have helped my succulents thrive even during rainy periods.

Protecting succulents from excessive rain involves covering them with umbrellas, tents, tarps, or UV resistant plastic sheets. Additionally, improving airflow and pruning the plants can also help prevent water-related issues. By implementing these measures, you can ensure that your succulents stay healthy and vibrant, even in rainy weather.