What to buy to boost FPS?

Answered by John Hunt

When it comes to boosting FPS (frames per second) in your computer, there are a few key components that you can upgrade to improve overall performance. While upgrading your GPU (graphics processing unit) and CPU (central processing unit) are typically the most effective ways to increase FPS, adding more RAM can also have a noticeable impact. In this answer, I will focus specifically on the RAM aspect of boosting FPS.

To determine which types of RAM your motherboard can support, you’ll need to consult your motherboard’s specifications or manual. These documents will provide details on the supported RAM types, frequencies, and capacities. Common RAM types include DDR3, DDR4, and sometimes even DDR5 for newer motherboards. It’s important to note that you should buy RAM modules that match the supported type of your motherboard to ensure compatibility.

Once you have confirmed the compatible RAM types, you can proceed with purchasing one or more RAM modules. If you already have existing RAM modules installed, it’s generally recommended to buy the same module(s) to ensure compatibility and avoid potential issues. However, if you have free slots available on your motherboard, you can also consider buying additional RAM modules of the same type and specifications to increase your overall RAM capacity.

Adding more RAM can improve FPS by allowing your computer to handle more data and processes simultaneously. This is particularly beneficial for gaming, as games often require a significant amount of RAM to run smoothly. By increasing the amount of RAM available, you can reduce the likelihood of bottlenecks and improve overall system performance.

It’s important to note that while adding more RAM can boost FPS, the extent of the improvement may vary depending on other factors such as the specific game or application you are using, as well as the overall configuration of your system. If your computer already has an ample amount of RAM, upgrading other components like the GPU or CPU may yield more significant FPS gains.

If you’re looking to boost FPS in your computer, consider upgrading your RAM in addition to other components like the GPU and CPU. Confirm the compatible RAM types for your motherboard, and purchase one or more modules of the same type to ensure compatibility. While RAM upgrades can improve FPS, it’s important to consider the overall configuration of your system and the specific requirements of the games or applications you use.