Star Forge – Rakata’s Pinnacle Creation

The Rakata, an ancient and technologically advanced species, played a significant role in the galaxy’s history. They were the creators of the Star Forge, a colossal space station with immense power and the ability to produce advanced weaponry and war machines. The creation of the Star Forge marked the pinnacle of Rakatan technological prowess.

The Rakata, believed to be the same species that formed the Rakatan Infinite Empire, also had a dark side. Corruption from the dark side of the Force eventually led to their extinction. Despite their downfall, the Rakata left behind a legacy that continues to intrigue and fascinate scholars and historians.

One notable aspect of Rakatan society was their reliance on slavery. The Rakata sought a large number of Force-sensitive beings to fuel their starships and further their conquest of the galaxy. Slavery was not only a central aspect of Rakatan society but also crucial for its functioning. The Rakata were known to be adept practitioners of enslavement, using it as a means to maintain their dominance and control.

Another interesting species in the galaxy’s ancient history is the Gree. The Gree were considered one of the oldest and most ancient civilizations in the galaxy. Their own history, however, remains shrouded in mystery, with even the Gree themselves being unaware of their origins. The Gree possessed advanced knowledge and technology, making them a highly formidable species.

While the Rakata and the Gree had their own distinct civilizations, they both left a lasting impact on the galaxy. The Rakata’s creation of the Star Forge and their mastery of technology showcased their immense capabilities. On the other hand, the Gree’s advanced knowledge and technology made them a force to be reckoned with.

The histories of the Rakata and the Gree are intertwined with the broader narrative of the galaxy. Their actions and legacies have shaped the course of history and continue to be subjects of study and fascination. As scholars delve deeper into the ancient past, more secrets and mysteries about these civilizations are waiting to be unraveled.

The Rakata were an ancient species known for their technological advancements and the creation of the Star Forge. They eventually succumbed to corruption from the dark side of the Force. The Rakata also heavily relied on slavery to fuel their conquests. The Gree, another ancient species, were known for their advanced knowledge and technology. Both the Rakata and the Gree have left an indelible mark on the galaxy’s history, and their legacies continue to captivate those seeking to uncover the secrets of the past.

Who Did The Rakata Create?

The Rakata, an ancient and highly advanced species, were the creators of various technological marvels. One of their most notable creations was the Star Forge, a colossal space station that served as the centerpiece of the Rakatan empire. Built around 30,000 BBY, the Star Forge was powered by the star of the Lehon system and designed specifically for the mass production of war-related equipment.

Here are some key points about the Rakata’s creation, the Star Forge:

1. Purpose: The Rakata constructed the Star Forge as a means to enhance their military capabilities. It was designed to produce a vast array of war hardware, including starships, droids, and weapons.

2. Size and Scope: The Star Forge was an immense space station, spanning a large area and featuring advanced manufacturing facilities. Its size allowed for the simultaneous production of numerous war machines, making it a significant asset for the Rakatan empire.

3. Power Source: The Star Forge drew its energy from the star within the Lehon system, utilizing its immense power to fuel its operations. This energy source was crucial in sustaining the production capabilities of the space station.

4. Technological Advancements: The Star Forge represented the pinnacle of Rakatan technology. It incorporated highly advanced manufacturing techniques, allowing for efficient and rapid production of war-related assets. This cutting-edge technology was a testament to the Rakata’s superior engineering skills.

5. Symbol of Rakatan Dominance: The Star Forge served as a symbol of the Rakatan empire’s supremacy. Its existence showcased the Rakata’s unparalleled technological prowess and their ability to harness the power of the stars for their own benefit.

The Rakata’s creation, the Star Forge, was a monumental achievement in their quest for military dominance. Its construction and operational capabilities allowed the Rakata to maintain an overwhelming advantage in warfare and solidify their position as a formidable force in the galaxy.

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Do The Rakata Still Exist?

According to the Star Wars lore, the Rakata species is believed to be extinct. The demise of the Rakata is attributed to the corruption caused by their indulgence in the dark side of the Force. This corruption eventually led to the downfall of their once-mighty civilization, known as the Rakatan Infinite Empire.

The Rakata species is closely associated with the mysterious Rakatan wraith boxes, which are ancient artifacts of great significance. However, despite the existence of these artifacts, there is no evidence to suggest that any Rakata individuals have survived to the present day.

It is worth noting that the Rakata were a highly advanced species with immense technological prowess. They were known for their ability to travel through space using hyperdrives and for their construction of immense structures like the Star Forge. Despite this, their misuse of the Force and their tyrannical rule ultimately led to their downfall.

Based on the available information from Star Wars lore, the Rakata species is believed to be extinct. The corruption caused by their connection to the dark side of the Force led to the collapse of their civilization, and there is no indication that any Rakata individuals have survived to the present day.

Did The Rakata Enslave Humans?

The Rakata did enslave humans as part of their widespread practice of slavery. The Rakata, an ancient and powerful civilization in the Star Wars universe, relied on the subjugation of various species to fuel their starships and expand their dominion across the galaxy. Humans were among the many species subjected to Rakatan slavery.

• The Rakata’s need for Force-sensitive beings: The Rakata had a strong dependence on the Force, a mystical energy that permeates the Star Wars universe. They used the Force to power their advanced technology, especially their hyperdrives, which enabled them to travel immense distances in a short time. Force-sensitive beings, including humans, possessed an innate connection to the Force, making them valuable resources for the Rakata.

• Slavery as a foundation of Rakatan society: Slavery was deeply ingrained in Rakatan society, forming a fundamental pillar of their civilization. They viewed themselves as superior to other species and believed it was their right to enslave and exploit those they deemed inferior. Humans, along with various other species, were seen as expendable resources to be subjugated and used for the Rakata’s purposes.

• Human slaves in the Rakatan Empire: The Rakata enslaved humans from various worlds and incorporated them into their empire. Humans were captured and forced into servitude, serving as laborers, soldiers, and even sacrifices for the Rakata’s dark rituals. The Rakata’s dominance over humanity was enforced through fear and brutality, with harsh punishments for disobedience or rebellion.

• Impact on the galaxy: The Rakata’s enslavement of humans and other species had far-reaching consequences. It not only caused immense suffering and loss of freedom for those enslaved but also disrupted the social fabric and cultures of affected worlds. The Rakata’s expansionist ambitions and reliance on slavery led to widespread conflict and resistance from those who sought to free themselves from Rakatan oppression.

The Rakata were notorious for their enslavement of humans and other species, using them as a means to power their starships and further their conquest of the galaxy. Slavery was deeply entrenched in Rakatan society, forming a core element of their civilization and exerting a significant impact on the galaxy as a whole.

What’s The Oldest Species In Star Wars?

The Gree, an advanced species in the Star Wars universe, holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most ancient civilizations in the galaxy. With a history that stretches back for countless millennia, the Gree have existed long before the rise of many other known species.

The exact origins of the Gree, however, remain a mystery even to themselves. Much of their own history has been lost or shrouded in the depths of time, leaving the Gree themselves with a limited understanding of their own beginnings. This lack of knowledge adds an air of intrigue and fascination to the Gree, making them a compelling and enigmatic species in the Star Wars lore.

Despite their mysterious origins, the Gree have left a lasting impact on the galaxy. They are renowned for their technological prowess, particularly in the fields of advanced mathematics, architecture, and astrogation. Their expertise in these areas has allowed them to achieve impressive advancements, making them one of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy.

The Gree’s technological achievements can be seen in their highly sophisticated infrastructure and the intricate design of their cities. Their architectural marvels are often characterized by intricate patterns, complex geometries, and advanced energy systems. These structures stand as a testament to the Gree’s advanced knowledge and engineering capabilities.

Furthermore, the Gree possess a unique system of communication known as the Gree language. This complex and intricate language is difficult for non-Gree to comprehend, further adding to the mystique surrounding this ancient species.

The Gree are considered the oldest species in the Star Wars universe. While much of their own history remains unknown, their advanced technology, architectural achievements, and unique language provide glimpses into their ancient and enigmatic civilization.


The Rakata were a highly advanced and influential species in the galaxy during their time. Their creation of the Star Forge, a massive space station for mass production of war hardware, showcased their technological prowess. However, their eventual extinction was attributed to corruption from the dark side of the Force.

The Rakata were also notorious for their practice of slavery, which played a crucial role in fueling their starships and expanding their empire. This reliance on enslaved Force-sensitive beings further highlights the extent of their power and their determination to conquer the galaxy.

Despite their significance in galactic history, much of the Rakata’s own origins and history remain shrouded in mystery. The Gree, another ancient civilization, were considered one of the oldest species in the galaxy, but even they were unsure of their own origins.

The Rakata left a lasting impact on the galaxy through their technological innovations, use of slavery, and their eventual downfall. Their story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of power and corruption, reminding us of the consequences that can arise from the misuse of advanced technology and the dark side of the Force.

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