What SMPS can I join?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

When it comes to finding the best Minecraft SMP survival servers to join in 2022, there are several options that offer unique gameplay experiences. These servers provide a community-oriented environment where players can collaborate, compete, and explore in a survival setting. Here are five highly recommended servers that you can join:

1. Vanilla Europa (IP Address: play.vanillaeuropa.com):
– This server aims to provide an authentic vanilla survival experience with minimal plugins.
– It offers a strong and friendly community of players who enjoy collaborating and building together.
– The server has regular events and contests to keep players engaged and motivated.
– The staff is actively involved in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

2. WilderCraft (IP Address: play.wildercraft.net):
– WilderCraft is known for its focus on nature and survival aspects.
– The server offers a unique feature called “Seasons,” where the world changes over time, introducing new challenges and opportunities.
– It has a dedicated and active player base, with a strong emphasis on community involvement.
– The server also offers various gameplay enhancements, such as custom mobs and biomes.

3. Medieval Vanilla (IP Address: medieval-vanilla.com):
– As the name suggests, this server provides a medieval-themed survival experience.
– It offers a well-established and immersive world with custom-built structures and towns.
– The server has an active and friendly community, with players encouraged to participate in events and quests.
– It also features unique plugins to enhance gameplay, such as custom weapons and armors.

4. PlayFuse Network (IP Address: topg.playfuse.net):
– PlayFuse Network is a network of Minecraft servers, with one dedicated to SMP survival gameplay.
– It offers a variety of features and game modes, including survival, creative, and mini-games.
– The server has a strong and active player base, with regular updates and new content additions.
– It provides a balanced survival experience with additional plugins for quality of life improvements.

5. SurviveWithUs (IP Address: mc.survivewith.us):
– SurviveWithUs is a well-established SMP survival server with a focus on community and player interaction.
– It offers a variety of gameplay features, including custom plugins for enhanced gameplay mechanics.
– The server has a friendly and helpful community, with active staff members to ensure a positive experience.
– Regular events, challenges, and competitions are organized to keep players engaged and motivated.

Personal experiences and situations may vary, so it’s always recommended to try out a few servers yourself to find the one that best suits your preferences. These five servers mentioned above have been highly recommended by the Minecraft community and are known to provide enjoyable and immersive survival experiences.