What should I do with my used wedding dress?

Answered by Michael Wilson

When it comes to deciding what to do with your used wedding dress, there are several options to consider. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to think about what is most important to you. Here are a few suggestions for what you can do with your wedding dress:

1. Preserve it for sentimental value: If your wedding dress holds a special place in your heart and you want to keep it for sentimental reasons, you can have it professionally preserved. There are specialized companies that specialize in preserving wedding dresses, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition for years to come. This option is ideal if you have enough space to store the dress and if you plan on passing it down to future generations.

2. Sell it: If you’re looking to recoup some of the costs of your wedding or simply want to give your dress a second life, selling it can be a great option. There are several websites and online platforms dedicated to selling pre-owned wedding dresses, such as PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com and StillWhite.com. You can also consider selling it locally through classified ads or social media platforms. It’s important to accurately describe the dress, provide clear photos, and set a reasonable price to attract potential buyers.

3. Donate it to a charity: If you want to make a difference in someone’s life, consider donating your wedding dress to a charity. There are organizations that specialize in providing free or low-cost wedding dresses to brides in need, such as Brides Across America and Wish Upon a Wedding. These organizations help make dreams come true for brides who may not have the financial means to purchase a wedding dress. Donating your dress can bring joy to someone else’s special day and make a positive impact in their life.

4. Repurpose it: If you’re feeling creative and want to give your wedding dress a new purpose, you can repurpose it into something else. For example, you can transform it into a christening gown for your future children or grandchildren. You can also repurpose the fabric into decorative items such as pillows, quilts, or even jewelry. This option allows you to keep a part of your wedding dress with you while creating something unique and meaningful.

5. Rent or lend it: If you’re open to the idea of sharing your wedding dress, you can consider renting or lending it to other brides. This option allows brides-to-be to experience the joy of wearing a beautiful wedding dress without the high costs of purchasing one. There are rental companies and online platforms that facilitate this process, ensuring that your dress is properly cared for and returned in good condition. Just make sure to establish clear terms and conditions to protect the dress and yourself.

6. Donate it to a local Goodwill or other thrift shop: Thrift shops don’t just accept wedding dresses; they also accept bridesmaid dresses as well. Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and other local thrift shops will gladly accept your wedding dress, and you may also benefit from an itemized tax write-off. By donating your dress, you’re not only giving it a chance to be worn again but also supporting charitable organizations in your community.

In the end, the decision of what to do with your used wedding dress is a personal one. Consider your sentimental attachment, financial situation, and desire to make a difference when choosing the best option for you. Remember, no matter what you decide, your wedding dress has already served its purpose by making your special day unforgettable.