What should be on the first page of a wedding guest book?

Answered by Cody Janus

When it comes to the first page of a wedding guest book, there are a few different options that couples can consider. One popular choice is to include a short message from the bride and groom. This message can be heartfelt and personal, expressing gratitude to friends and family for being a part of their special day. It’s a lovely way to make the guest book feel more personalized and to show appreciation for everyone’s presence.

Another option for the first page is to include a photo of the couple. This can be a favorite engagement photo or a picture from the wedding day itself. Including a photo adds a visual element to the guest book and allows guests to see the happy couple before they start writing their messages.

Some couples may choose to combine both options by including a photo of themselves along with a short message. This creates a beautiful and meaningful opening page for the guest book, setting the tone for the rest of the entries.

In addition to the message or photo, it can also be nice to include the date and location of the wedding on the first page. This helps to set the context for the guest book and provides a reminder of the special day.

Ultimately, what goes on the first page of a wedding guest book is up to the couple’s personal preference. Whether it’s a heartfelt message, a photo, or a combination of both, the first page sets the stage for all the wonderful messages and memories that will follow. It’s a chance for the bride and groom to express their gratitude and to make the guest book feel truly special and unique.