What’s the name of Rosalina’s star?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

In the Mario Golf: World Tour game, Lumas make their first appearance alongside Rosalina. Lumas are these cute, star-like creatures that are often seen accompanying Rosalina in various Mario games. They have a round body and a small face, and they are known for their friendly and peaceful nature.

When players purchase the Star Pack in Mario Golf: World Tour, they unlock Rosalina as a playable character. And during her post-hole animations, Lumas can be seen floating around her. It’s a delightful sight to see these adorable little creatures orbiting Rosalina as she celebrates her golf victories.

I remember playing Mario Golf: World Tour and being pleasantly surprised to see Lumas alongside Rosalina. As a fan of the Mario franchise, it’s always exciting to see familiar characters make appearances in different games. And Lumas are definitely a beloved addition to the Mario universe.

To answer your question directly, the name of Rosalina’s star is not explicitly mentioned in Mario Golf: World Tour. However, in other Mario games, Rosalina is associated with the Comet Observatory, which is home to many Lumas. It’s possible that the star she is connected to is the observatory itself or perhaps one of the Lumas that reside there.

Lumas are a charming and iconic part of the Mario series, and their inclusion in Mario Golf: World Tour adds an extra touch of magic to the game.