What’s the most popular Halloween costume in the US according to Google 1 5?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

According to Google Trends, the most popular Halloween costume in the US is the classic “Witch.” This timeless and versatile costume idea has remained a favorite among Americans for years. It allows for creativity and personalization, as there are countless variations of witch costumes to choose from.

Following closely behind the witch costume is the ever-popular “Spider-Man.” This superhero costume appeals to both children and adults alike, as Spider-Man is a beloved character from the Marvel comics and movies. The popularity of superhero costumes in general has been on the rise in recent years, and Spider-Man is definitely a top choice.

Another popular costume idea according to Google is the “Dinosaur.” This whimsical and fun costume idea appeals to both kids and adults who want to channel their inner prehistoric creature. With various dinosaur species to choose from, such as T-Rex or Triceratops, this costume allows for creativity and can be easily customized.

Other popular costume ideas in the US, based on Google Trends data, include “Harley Quinn” (a character from the DC comics and movies), “Clown,” “Unicorn,” “Rabbit,” “Angel,” “Devil,” and “Pirate.” These costume ideas cater to different interests and preferences, showcasing the diverse range of choices Americans have when it comes to Halloween costumes.

It is important to note that these results are based on search data from Google, which may not necessarily reflect the actual costumes people end up wearing. However, Google Trends provides valuable insights into the costume ideas that are trending and capturing people’s attention.

The most popular Halloween costume in the US, based on Google Trends data, is the classic “Witch,” followed by “Spider-Man” and “Dinosaur.” These costume ideas offer a mix of timeless appeal, superhero fandom, and imaginative fun. However, it is worth noting that Halloween costume preferences can vary greatly depending on individual tastes, current pop culture trends, and personal creativity.