What’s the difference between Prime student and regular Prime?

Answered by John Hunt

Amazon Prime Student is a specialized version of Amazon Prime that is tailored specifically for college students. The main difference between Prime Student and regular Prime is the cost. Prime Student is available at half the price of a traditional Prime membership, making it more affordable and accessible for college students who are often on a tight budget.

One of the main benefits of Prime Student is the free 2-day shipping on eligible items. This is particularly useful for college students who often need to order textbooks, school supplies, or other essentials online. With Prime Student, they can enjoy fast and reliable shipping without any additional cost.

In addition to free shipping, Prime Student also provides access to a range of other Amazon-specific services. For example, Prime Student members can enjoy unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows through Prime Video. This can be a great source of entertainment for students during their downtime or when they need a break from studying.

Another benefit of Prime Student is access to Prime Music, which offers a vast library of songs and playlists that can be streamed ad-free. This is a great feature for students who enjoy listening to music while studying or relaxing.

Prime Student members also get access to exclusive deals and discounts on a wide range of products. This can be particularly helpful for college students who are looking to save money on their purchases. The deals and discounts can vary, but they often include discounts on textbooks, electronics, and other student essentials.

Furthermore, Prime Student members can also take advantage of Prime Reading, which allows them to borrow e-books, magazines, and other digital content from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. This can be a cost-effective way for students to access reading materials without having to purchase them individually.

It is worth noting that Prime Student membership is available for a maximum of four years or until the student graduates, whichever comes first. After graduation, students can choose to continue their Prime membership at the regular price or cancel it if they no longer find it necessary.

Prime Student offers many of the same benefits as regular Prime membership, but at a lower cost specifically designed to cater to the needs of college students. It provides convenient and affordable access to fast shipping, entertainment options, exclusive deals, and more.