What’s the difference between August and September Virgos?

Answered by Frank Schwing

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The main difference between August and September Virgos lies in the influence of their ruling planets. While all Virgos are ruled by Mercury, those born after September 2nd may also have a co-ruling planet that affects their Virgo energy expression. This co-ruling planet depends on the specific decan they were born in.

First, let’s understand what a decan is. The zodiac sign of Virgo is divided into three decans, each spanning ten degrees of the sign. These divisions help to further categorize and understand the characteristics of individuals born under the sign.

August Virgos, being born in the first decan, are influenced solely by Mercury. This means that their Virgo qualities are likely to be more conventional and aligned with the classic traits associated with this sign. Mercury, as the planet of thinking and communication, enhances their analytical abilities, attention to detail, and intellectual pursuits. They may have a strong desire for organization and efficiency in their daily lives.

On the other hand, September Virgos, born in the second or third decan, have an additional co-ruling planet that influences their Virgo energy. The co-ruling planets for these decans are Venus and Saturn, respectively.

Second decan Virgos (born between September 3rd and September 12th) are influenced by Venus in addition to Mercury. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. This influence adds a touch of refinement, artistic sensibility, and a desire for balance to their Virgo traits. These individuals may have a knack for aesthetics, enjoy nurturing relationships, and possess a natural grace in their interactions with others.

Third decan Virgos (born between September 13th and September 22nd) have Saturn as their co-ruling planet. Saturn is associated with discipline, responsibility, and hard work. This influence adds a serious and practical tone to their Virgo qualities. These individuals may have a strong sense of duty, a structured approach to life, and a tendency to be self-disciplined and goal-oriented.

It’s important to note that while the month of birth and ruling planets can provide some insights into a person’s tendencies, each individual is unique, and other factors such as their upbringing, environment, and personal experiences also shape their personality.

The difference between August and September Virgos lies in the presence of a co-ruling planet for those born after September 2nd. August Virgos have the most conventional Virgo qualities, influenced solely by Mercury, while September Virgos may exhibit additional traits influenced by Venus (second decan) or Saturn (third decan).