What rank is Sean’s dad in Tokyo drift?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

In the movie “Tokyo Drift,” Sean’s father is credited as “Major Boswell.” However, his naval uniform indicates a different rank. The shoulder board clearly displays the two full stripes of a full Lieutenant, and the collar insignia also has the two bars of a Lieutenant.

Based on these visual cues, it can be concluded that Sean’s father holds the rank of full Lieutenant in the Navy. In the United States Navy, the rank of full Lieutenant is denoted by two silver bars. This rank is abbreviated as O-3, which signifies an officer of the grade of Lieutenant.

It is worth noting that there seems to be an inconsistency with the color of the collar insignia, as it is depicted as gold instead of the correct silver color. However, this is likely an error in the movie production rather than reflecting an actual rank. In reality, the collar insignia for a Lieutenant should be silver to match the two silver bars on the shoulder board.

The rank of Lieutenant in the Navy is an important one, typically held by officers who have completed their initial training and have gained some experience in their respective fields. Lieutenants often serve as division officers on ships, leading a group of enlisted personnel and overseeing various operations.

While the movie may have taken some creative liberties with the portrayal of Sean’s father’s rank, it is important to remember that inaccuracies can occur in fictional representations. Nonetheless, based on the visual cues provided in the movie, it is safe to say that Sean’s father is portrayed as a full Lieutenant in the Navy.