What race are Hawaiian?

Answered by Frank Schwing

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Hawaiians are the Indigenous Polynesian people of the Hawaiian Islands. They are also referred to as Native Hawaiians, kānaka, kānaka ʻōiwi, kānaka maoli, or Hawaiʻi maoli. The history of the Hawaiian people dates back at least 800 years ago when Polynesians from the Society Islands embarked on a voyage and settled in Hawaii.

The term “race” can be a sensitive topic, especially when discussing Indigenous peoples. It is important to understand that race is a social construct that categorizes people based on physical characteristics. In the case of Hawaiians, they are often classified as a distinct racial group due to their Polynesian ancestry and their unique cultural, linguistic, and historical heritage.

Hawaiians have a rich cultural identity deeply rooted in their connection to the land, ocean, and traditions passed down through generations. Their language, Hawaiian, is part of the Austronesian language family and has been revitalized in recent years through efforts to preserve and promote indigenous language and culture.

It is worth noting that Hawaii is a multicultural society with diverse ethnicities and backgrounds. Over the years, people from various parts of the world have migrated to Hawaii, adding to the cultural tapestry of the islands. This diversity further enriches the Hawaiian experience and contributes to the unique blend of traditions, customs, and languages found in the archipelago.

However, it is essential to recognize and respect the Indigenous Hawaiian people as the original inhabitants of the islands. They have faced various challenges throughout history, including colonization, the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, and the suppression of their language and cultural practices. Despite these hardships, Hawaiians have persevered and continue to maintain their cultural heritage and fight for their rights as Indigenous peoples.

Hawaiians are the Indigenous Polynesian people of the Hawaiian Islands, with a distinct cultural identity and a rich history. While the concept of race can be complex and often oversimplified, it is crucial to acknowledge and respect the unique heritage and contributions of the Hawaiian people within the multicultural society of Hawaii.