What putter did Jack Nicklaus use to win the 1986 Masters?

Answered by Robert Dupre

In 1986, Jack Nicklaus achieved a remarkable victory at the Masters Tournament, and the putter that he used to clinch this momentous win was the Response ZT 615 by MacGregor Golf. This particular putter gained significant attention and popularity due to Nicklaus’ exceptional performance.

Interestingly, MacGregor Golf had originally planned to produce and sell only 6,000 Response ZT 615 putters for the entire year. However, the day after Nicklaus’ triumph at the Masters, they were inundated with a staggering 5,000 orders. This sudden surge in demand can be attributed to Nicklaus’ reputation as one of the greatest golfers of all time, and his endorsement of the putter undoubtedly played a pivotal role in its unprecedented success.

The Response ZT 615 putter became a sought-after item among golf enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its popularity soared, and MacGregor Golf ended up selling a remarkable 300,000 units in that year alone. This surge in sales clearly demonstrates the impact of Nicklaus’ victory and his association with the putter.

What made the Response ZT 615 putter so special? While I can’t provide personal experience with this specific putter, I can delve into its features and reputation. The Response ZT 615 was designed to optimize a golfer’s putting performance. It featured a well-balanced design and a responsive face insert, which enhanced the golfer’s ability to control the speed and direction of their putts. The putter’s construction incorporated advanced materials and technologies, ensuring a high level of precision and consistency on the greens.

Jack Nicklaus’ victory at the 1986 Masters Tournament served as a testament to the effectiveness of the Response ZT 615 putter. His skillful use of the putter during critical moments undoubtedly contributed to his triumph. This win not only solidified his status as a golf legend but also catapulted the Response ZT 615 putter into the spotlight.

The putter that Jack Nicklaus used to win the 1986 Masters Tournament was the Response ZT 615 by MacGregor Golf. This putter gained immense popularity and success following Nicklaus’ victory, with MacGregor Golf selling 300,000 units in that year alone. The Response ZT 615’s features and Nicklaus’ endorsement undoubtedly played a significant role in its rise to prominence.