What pros are members at Augusta?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

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Augusta National Golf Club is known for its exclusivity and limited membership. The club has historically been home to some of the greatest names in golf, including many professional players. However, the number of professional golfers who are current members at Augusta National is quite limited.

Currently, there are only two professional golfers who hold membership at Augusta National. One of them is the legendary Jack Nicklaus, widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time. Nicklaus, nicknamed the “Golden Bear,” has won a record 18 major championships, including six Masters titles at Augusta National.

The other professional golfer who is a member at Augusta National is John Harris. Harris, although not as well-known as Nicklaus, had a successful career as an amateur golfer before joining the PGA Tour Champions. He turned professional in 2000 and competed on the Champions Tour until his retirement in 2016. Harris has also had success playing in amateur events, including being a three-time U.S. Mid-Amateur champion.

It’s worth mentioning that Arnold Palmer, who passed away in 2016, was also a member at Augusta National. Palmer, often referred to as “The King,” was one of the most beloved figures in golf history. He won four Masters titles during his career and played a significant role in popularizing the sport.

While the list of professional golfers who are members at Augusta National is limited, it is important to note that the club’s membership extends beyond professional players. The club comprises influential businessmen, politicians, and other notable figures from various industries. The membership process is highly secretive, and individuals are typically invited to join by existing members.

The current professional golfers who are members at Augusta National Golf Club are Jack Nicklaus and John Harris. Additionally, the late Arnold Palmer was also a member of the club. Augusta National’s membership is exclusive and extends beyond professional golfers to include individuals from various backgrounds.