What Pokémon is #900?

Answered by Jason Smith

Pokémon #900 in the Pokédex is Kleavor, an Electric and Bug type Pokémon. Kleavor was introduced in Pokémon GO as part of the Generation 8 Pokémon from the Galar region. It is known as the “Stonehider Pokémon” and has some unique characteristics that make it stand out.

Kleavor resembles a small beetle-like creature with a rock-like shell covering its body. It has a primarily blue coloration with yellow accents and a pair of large, round eyes. Its shell is quite sturdy, allowing it to protect itself from potential threats in its environment.

In terms of its typing, Kleavor’s Electric and Bug combination gives it a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. As an Electric type, Kleavor is capable of harnessing and manipulating electricity. This allows it to learn a variety of Electric-type moves, such as Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt. Being a Bug type, Kleavor is also proficient in Bug-type moves like Bug Bite and X-Scissor. This dual typing gives Kleavor an advantage over certain types of Pokémon, but it is also susceptible to others.

One interesting aspect of Kleavor is its ability called “Surge Surfer.” This ability boosts its speed when the terrain is affected by Electric-type moves, such as when an Electric-type move like Thunderbolt is used in battle. This ability can give Kleavor an edge in certain situations, allowing it to outspeed opponents and strike first.

In terms of its stats, Kleavor has decent overall stats with a focus on its Attack and Speed. Its base Attack stat is relatively high, allowing it to deal significant damage with its physical moves. Additionally, its Speed stat is also quite good, especially when its Surge Surfer ability is activated. This combination of high Attack and Speed makes Kleavor a formidable opponent in battles.

In terms of its moveset, Kleavor can learn a variety of moves from both the Electric and Bug types. It has access to moves like Thunder Shock, Bug Bite, X-Scissor, and Thunderbolt, which can be used strategically to counter different types of Pokémon. Additionally, it can also learn some coverage moves like Rock Slide and Wild Charge, further expanding its movepool and giving it options in battle.

Personal experiences with Kleavor may vary depending on individual playstyles and preferences. Some trainers may find Kleavor to be a valuable addition to their team, while others may prefer different Pokémon with different typings and move options. It’s always best to experiment and find the Pokémon that best suits your battling style and complements your team composition.

Kleavor is a unique and interesting Pokémon as the #900 entry in the Pokédex. With its Electric and Bug typing, it offers a diverse movepool and the potential to surprise opponents. Its Surge Surfer ability and strong Attack and Speed stats make it a formidable foe in battles. Give Kleavor a try and see if it becomes a valuable member of your Pokémon team in Pokémon GO!