FF XIV Fosters Camaraderie with Commendation System

Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) is an immensely popular multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that offers players a vast and immersive world to explore. Apart from the exciting gameplay and stunning visuals, FFXIV incorporates a commendation system that adds an extra layer of recognition and camaraderie among players.

Player commendations in FFXIV are a way for players to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of their fellow adventurers. Commendations can be given to any player who has left a positive impression, demonstrated exceptional skill, or simply been a helpful and friendly presence in the game.

Commendations serve multiple purposes within the FFXIV community. Firstly, they act as a form of recognition for players who consistently contribute positively to the overall gaming experience. It encourages players to go above and beyond, fostering a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Additionally, commendations contribute to a player’s reputation within the FFXIV community. Players with a high number of commendations are often seen as reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly individuals. This can open doors to new opportunities, such as joining prestigious guilds or being sought after for group activities like dungeons or raids.

To commend a player in FFXIV, you simply need to open the player menu and select the commendation option. However, commendations are limited in number and can only be given to a certain number of players each day. This limitation prevents commendations from being abused or exploited, ensuring that they retain their value and significance.

The commendation system in FFXIV also ties into the game’s social aspects. Players who receive commendations earn a special currency called “commendation seals.” These seals can be exchanged for unique rewards and items, further incentivizing players to strive for commendations.

Moreover, commendations can also be used by the game’s developers to identify outstanding players within the community. Players with a high number of commendations may be recognized publicly or even have the opportunity to participate in testing new content or providing feedback to the development team.

Player commendations in Final Fantasy XIV are a valuable tool for fostering a positive and supportive gaming environment. They encourage players to be helpful, friendly, and skilled, while also providing recognition and rewards for those who excel. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a new player, don’t hesitate to commend those who make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

What Do Commendations Do?

Commendations serve several important purposes:

1. Recognition: Commendations are a form of recognition and appreciation for a job well done. They acknowledge and highlight exceptional performance, achievements, or contributions in various fields such as work, sports, academics, or community service.

2. Motivation: Commendations can be highly motivating for individuals. They provide a sense of validation and encouragement, boosting morale and inspiring continued excellence. Knowing that their efforts are recognized and valued can spur individuals to maintain or surpass their level of performance.

3. Validation: Commendations validate the skills, abilities, and efforts of individuals. They serve as evidence of competence and expertise, reinforcing the belief in one’s capabilities. This validation can be particularly significant in professional settings, where commendations can enhance one’s reputation and credibility.

4. Career Advancement: In many professions, commendations play a crucial role in career advancement. They can be used as supporting evidence when seeking promotions, salary raises, or new job opportunities. Commendations demonstrate a proven track record of success and can differentiate individuals from their peers.

5. Networking and Connections: Commendations can help individuals build valuable connections and expand their professional network. When commendations are publicly shared or awarded by respected organizations or individuals, they can attract attention and create opportunities for collaboration or mentorship.

6. Public Relations: For organizations, commendations can serve as a powerful public relations tool. They can enhance an organization’s reputation, credibility, and brand image. Publicly recognizing outstanding employees or initiatives through commendations can also boost employee morale and loyalty.

Commendations provide recognition, motivation, validation, career advancement opportunities, networking possibilities, and can be used for public relations purposes. They play a significant role in acknowledging and promoting excellence in various spheres of life.

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Can You Lose Commendations Ffxiv?

It is possible to lose commendations in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). Commendations are given by other players as a form of recognition for your performance in a dungeon or trial. However, commendations are only awarded at the end of the run, and if players leave the instance before the commendations are given out, you may lose the opportunity to receive them.

Here are some key points to understand about commendations and how they can be lost in FFXIV:

1. Commendations are typically awarded to players who have demonstrated exceptional skill, teamwork, or helpfulness during a dungeon or trial.
2. At the end of the run, a pop-up window will appear showing the commendations received by each player. However, this window only appears for a limited time, and if players leave the instance too quickly, they may miss the opportunity to see or receive commendations.
3. This means that if you complete a dungeon or trial and immediately leave without waiting for the commendations window to appear, you may not receive any commendations from your fellow players.
4. It’s important to note that commendations are not guaranteed, and players are not obligated to give them. They are given voluntarily as a way to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of others.
5. To increase your chances of receiving commendations, it’s recommended to perform well during the run, communicate effectively with your team, and be helpful and friendly. Building a positive reputation within the FFXIV community can also increase the likelihood of receiving commendations in future runs.

While it is possible to lose commendations in FFXIV if players leave the dungeon or trial before the commendations window appears, it’s important to focus on enjoying the game and providing a positive experience for others, rather than solely chasing commendations.

How Do You Give Commendations?

When giving commendations, it is important to follow a structured approach to effectively convey your appreciation. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to give commendations:

1. Introduction: Begin by addressing the recipient in a formal and respectful manner. Include their name, title, or working relationship to establish a professional tone.

2. Reason for Commending: Clearly state the purpose of your letter and why you are commending the individual or organization. Be specific and mention the actions or achievements that deserve recognition.

3. Supporting Details: Provide a summary of the exemplary qualities, skills, or accomplishments that warrant commendation. Use concrete examples and anecdotes to illustrate the impact of their efforts. This could include exceptional performance, going above and beyond expectations, innovative ideas, outstanding teamwork, or any other outstanding qualities.

4. Impact and Significance: Explain the positive impact of the recipient’s actions or achievements. Highlight how their efforts have contributed to the success of a project, improved team dynamics, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased productivity, or any other relevant outcomes. Emphasize the significance of their contribution to the overall goals or mission of the organization.

5. Express Gratitude: Convey your sincere appreciation and gratitude for the recipient’s hard work, dedication, and professionalism. Clearly state how their efforts have made a difference and express how their contributions are valued and recognized.

6. Closing: End the letter by expressing confidence in their continued success and reiterating your appreciation. Offer any additional support or assistance, if applicable.

Remember to maintain a formal and professional tone throughout the letter. Avoid repetition and strive for clarity by using concise language. If needed, you can use bullet points or lists to present information in a clear and organized manner.

By following these steps, you can effectively give commendations that recognize and appreciate the outstanding efforts and achievements of individuals or organizations.

Where Do You See Your Commendations?

Commendations in Sea of Thieves can be found within the game’s reputation page. To access this page, follow these steps:

1. Open the game and navigate to the main menu.
2. Look for the “Reputation” tab, usually located on the left-hand side of the screen.
3. Click on the “Reputation” tab to open the reputation page.
4. On the reputation page, you will see a list of all the factions in Sea of Thieves, such as the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance, and more.
5. Select the faction for which you want to view the commendations.
6. Once you have chosen a faction, a list of commendations specific to that faction will be displayed on the screen.

The commendations are organized into different categories, such as “Voyages,” “Events,” or “General.” Each commendation has specific requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to earn it. Some commendations may require completing certain tasks, collecting specific items, or achieving certain milestones.

By exploring the commendations list within the reputation page, you can track your progress, see which commendations you have already earned, and which ones are still pending. This can help guide you on your journey to becoming a legendary pirate in the Sea of Thieves.

Remember, commendations not only offer a sense of achievement but also contribute to your overall reputation and can unlock additional rewards and titles within the game. So keep an eye on your commendations and strive to complete as many as possible to become a renowned pirate in the Sea of Thieves.


Final Fantasy XIV is an incredible and immersive game that offers a vast and dynamic world for players to explore. With its stunning graphics, compelling storyline, and engaging gameplay, it has captivated millions of players worldwide.

The game’s commendation system adds an extra layer of achievement and recognition for players who go above and beyond in their adventures. Whether it’s completing challenging dungeons, conquering powerful bosses, or assisting other players in their quests, commendations serve as a symbol of accomplishment and a testament to one’s skill and dedication.

Furthermore, commendations also foster a sense of camaraderie and community within the game. Players can acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of their fellow adventurers, fostering a positive and supportive environment. It encourages players to work together, share knowledge, and help each other succeed.

Additionally, commendations can also provide tangible rewards and benefits within the game. They can unlock special items, titles, or even unique quests that further enhance the player’s experience. This adds an extra layer of motivation for players to strive for excellence and actively participate in the game’s content.

Final Fantasy XIV’s commendation system is a fantastic addition to an already outstanding game. It not only recognizes and rewards players for their achievements but also encourages cooperation and friendship within the player community. Whether you’re a veteran adventurer or new to the world of Eorzea, commendations are a testament to your skill, dedication, and contribution to the game. So, keep exploring, challenging yourself, and earning those well-deserved commendations. Happy gaming!

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