Training the Rare and Unique Slakoth

Slakoth is a rather peculiar Pokemon that belongs to the Normal type. It is known for its sluggish nature and lackadaisical demeanor. This creature is the base evolution of the Slakoth evolution line, which also includes Vigoroth and Slaking. While Slakoth may not be the most powerful or impressive Pokemon, it still has its own unique characteristics.

One of the defining features of Slakoth is its ability called Truant. This ability hampers its effectiveness in battles as it can only attack every other turn. This means that for every action Slakoth takes, it must take a turn where it does nothing. This limitation significantly hinders Slakoth’s potential and makes it a challenging Pokemon to use in battles.

Additionally, Slakoth’s base statline is rather underwhelming. It lacks exceptional stats in any particular area and is generally considered to be a weak Pokemon overall. Its low base stats make it difficult for Slakoth to hold its own against more formidable opponents.

In terms of evolution, Slakoth evolves into Vigoroth starting at level 18. Vigoroth, unlike Slakoth, does not possess the Truant ability, making it a more viable and effective Pokemon in battles. Vigoroth has higher base stats and a better movepool, giving it an advantage over its predecessor. Therefore, it is recommended to evolve Slakoth into Vigoroth as soon as it reaches level 18 to unlock its full potential.

It is worth noting that Slakoth is a rather rare Pokemon to encounter. If you are on the hunt for this elusive creature, your best chance of finding one is by exploring the larger trees scattered throughout Paldea’s South Province (Area Five). These trees seem to be the preferred habitat of Slakoth, making them the ideal location to search for this unique Pokemon.

Slakoth may not be the most powerful or impressive Pokemon, but it still possesses its own distinctive traits. Its Truant ability and below-average base statline may hinder its performance in battles, but its rarity and unique characteristics make it an intriguing addition to any Pokemon trainer’s team. Whether you choose to evolve Slakoth into Vigoroth or keep it in its base form, it ultimately depends on your preferences and strategic choices as a trainer.

Is Slakoth A Good Pokémon?

Slakoth is not considered a good Pokemon. It has a below average base statline and its ability, Truant, further hampers its usefulness in battles. Truant forces Slakoth to skip every other turn, rendering it unable to take any action during that time. This severely limits Slakoth’s potential in battles and makes it difficult for it to perform effectively.

Here are some reasons why Slakoth is not a good Pokemon:

1. Base Statline: Slakoth has relatively low base stats in comparison to other Pokemon. Its stats are not strong enough to compete with many other Pokemon, making it vulnerable and easily defeated in battles.

2. Truant Ability: The ability Truant is a major drawback for Slakoth. It means that every other turn, Slakoth is unable to take any action, essentially wasting a turn. This hinders its ability to deal damage or support its team effectively.

3. Limited Movepool: Slakoth’s movepool is not very diverse or powerful. It lacks access to many strong moves, limiting its options in battles. This further reduces its potential to be a valuable team member.

4. Evolution Requirements: Slakoth evolves into Vigoroth and then into Slaking. However, the evolution process requires a lot of effort and time. Slakoth must reach a certain level and have high friendship to evolve into Vigoroth, and then Vigoroth evolves into Slaking at level 36. This means that Slakoth requires a significant investment before it can reach its final, more powerful form.

Slakoth is not considered a good Pokemon due to its below average stats, the hindering Truant ability, limited movepool, and the effort required to evolve it. It is generally recommended to consider other Pokemon with better abilities and statlines for a stronger team.

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Is A Slakoth Rare?

Slakoth is considered exceptionally rare in the South Province (Area Five) of Paldea. These Pokemon are not commonly found in this area, making them difficult to encounter. They are known to inhabit the larger trees in this region, so searching within these trees might be your best or possibly only chance of finding one.

To emphasize the rarity of Slakoth, it is important to note that they are not commonly seen in the wild. This rarity adds to their appeal and makes them a sought-after Pokemon for trainers. If you are specifically looking for a Slakoth, you will need to focus your efforts on exploring the larger trees in the South Province.

It is worth mentioning that Slakoths can be challenging to locate due to their scarcity. This rarity adds an element of excitement and adventure to the search. Therefore, if you’re determined to find a Slakoth, it is advisable to spend significant time exploring the larger trees in the hope of encountering one.

Slakoth is indeed considered rare in the South Province (Area Five) of Paldea. They are not commonly found in this area, and your best chance of finding one is by exploring the larger trees in the region.

Is Vigoroth Better Than Slaking?

When comparing the Pokémon Vigoroth and Slaking, it is important to analyze their individual stats, abilities, and movepools to determine which one is better. Let us break down these factors to provide a detailed answer:

1. Stats:
– Attack: Slaking possesses double the attack stat of Vigoroth, giving it a significant advantage in terms of offensive capabilities.
– Defense: Both Pokémon have comparable defense stats, with no clear advantage for either.
– Speed: Vigoroth has a higher speed stat, meaning it is generally faster than Slaking.
– HP (Hit Points): Slaking has higher HP, giving it more staying power in battles.
– Special Attack and Special Defense: Slaking has higher special attack and special defense stats, making it more versatile in terms of move choices.

2. Abilities:
– Vigoroth’s ability is “Vital Spirit,” which prevents it from falling asleep during battles.
– Slaking’s ability is “Truant,” which restricts it from attacking on alternate turns.

3. Movepool:
– Slaking has access to a wider range of moves compared to Vigoroth, including powerful physical attacks like “Giga Impact” and “Hammer Arm,” as well as special moves like “Flamethrower” and “Ice Beam.” This gives Slaking more options and adaptability in battles.
– Vigoroth’s movepool is more limited, but it does possess moves like “Bulk Up” to increase its attack and defense stats, as well as “Facade” which becomes stronger if Vigoroth is afflicted with a status condition.

While Vigoroth may have a higher speed stat and the ability to avoid sleep, Slaking outshines it in terms of overall power, versatility, and move options. Slaking’s double attack stat, higher HP, and access to a broader movepool make it the better choice for battles.


Slakoth is an underwhelming and rare Pokemon that suffers from its lackluster base statline and its debilitating ability, Truant. Its low stats make it difficult for Slakoth to be successful in battles, and its inability to take action every other turn only exacerbates its weaknesses. While Slaking, its final evolution, has significantly higher stats and a better movepool, Slakoth’s evolution line does not make up for its initial shortcomings. As a result, Slakoth is not a recommended choice for trainers looking for a strong and reliable Pokemon.

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