Nidoran’s Evolution Statistics

Nidoran is a fascinating Pokémon species that belongs to the Poison-type category. It was first introduced in Generation I and has since become a popular choice among Pokémon trainers. One of the most intriguing aspects of Nidoran is its evolution process. This article will delve into the details of Nidoran’s evolution and discuss at what level it evolves into its next stage.

Nidoran comes in two different genders, male and female, with each having its own unique evolution line. Let’s start with the male Nidoran. At level 16, the male Nidoran evolves into Nidorino. This evolution is triggered automatically once the Pokémon reaches this specific level. However, some trainers prefer to wait until the male Nidoran learns the move “Horn Drill” before evolving it into Nidorino. This move can be learned at level 23, and evolving after this point ensures that Nidorino retains this powerful move.

Moving on to the female Nidoran, it also evolves at level 16 but into a different Pokémon called Nidorina. Similar to the male Nidoran, the female Nidoran will automatically evolve into Nidorina once it reaches level 16. However, trainers have another option to consider when evolving the female Nidoran. By evolving it before level 23, the female Nidorina will learn an additional move called “Body Slam” at that level. This move can be quite advantageous in battles, making this an appealing choice for trainers who want to maximize their Pokémon’s potential.

Now that we’ve covered the first stage of evolution for both male and female Nidoran, let’s explore their final evolutionary forms. For the male Nidoran, evolving Nidorino into Nidoking requires the use of a Moon Stone. This evolutionary item is relatively common in the Pokémon world, making it easily accessible for trainers. Once exposed to the Moon Stone, Nidorino will transform into the formidable Nidoking, a powerful Poison and Ground-type Pokémon.

As for the female Nidoran, evolving Nidorina into its final form, Nidoqueen, also involves the use of a Moon Stone. It’s important to note that the level at which Nidorina evolves into Nidoqueen does not matter. Once exposed to the Moon Stone, Nidorina will undergo a remarkable transformation into the mighty Nidoqueen, a Pokémon with a combination of Poison and Ground-type abilities.

Nidoran is a captivating Pokémon species that has different evolution lines depending on its gender. The male Nidoran evolves into Nidorino at level 16 and can learn the move “Horn Drill” at level 23. The female Nidoran evolves into Nidorina at level 16 and can learn the move “Body Slam” at the same level. Both Nidorino and Nidorina can further evolve into their final forms, Nidoking and Nidoqueen respectively, by using a Moon Stone. So, if you’re a trainer with a Nidoran, make sure to reach the appropriate level or use a Moon Stone to unleash the true potential of these remarkable Pokémon.

Can You Evolve Nidorino Without Moonstone?

It is not possible to evolve Nidorino without the use of a Moon Stone. The Moon Stone is a specific evolutionary item that triggers the evolution of Nidorino into its evolved form, Nidoking. This evolutionary process cannot occur naturally or through any other means. The Moon Stone is a commonly found item in the Pokémon world and can be obtained through various methods, such as finding it in the wild, receiving it as a reward for completing certain tasks or challenges, or purchasing it from in-game shops. It is essential to have a Moon Stone in order to evolve Nidorino.

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At What Level Should I Evolve Nidoran?

Nidoran, both male and female, can evolve at different levels depending on the desired moveset and evolution method. Here are the different options:

1. Level 16: Nidoran (both genders) can evolve into Nidorino (male) or Nidorina (female) at level 16. This is the earliest level at which you can evolve them without using any special evolution stones.

2. Male Nidoran: If you want to wait for a specific move, you can evolve the male Nidoran into Nidorino after it learns Horn Drill. Horn Drill is learned at level 23, so evolving it after that level will ensure the move is in its moveset.

3. Female Nidoran: If you want to have access to a powerful move, it is recommended to evolve the female Nidoran into Nidorina before level 23. At level 23, Nidorina learns the move Body Slam, which is a strong Normal-type move. Evolving it before this level ensures that Nidorina will have Body Slam in its moveset.

4. Moon Stone Evolution: Alternatively, you can evolve both male and female Nidoran at any level after 16 by using a Moon Stone. This method allows you to evolve them without waiting for specific moves to be learned.

What Level Does Nidorina Female Evolve?

Nidorina, the female counterpart of Nidoran♀, undergoes evolution at a specific level. In the evolutionary process of Nidorina, she evolves from Nidoran♀ at level 16. It is important to note that Nidorina has a further evolution stage, where she can evolve into Nidoqueen at level 36. Therefore, at level 16, Nidoran♀ transforms into Nidorina, and at level 36, Nidorina has the potential to evolve into Nidoqueen. This progression showcases the growth and development of Nidorina throughout its journey.

How Does Nidorino Evolve To Nidoking?

Nidorino, a Poison-type Pokémon, undergoes evolution to transform into the mighty Nidoking. This evolutionary process occurs when Nidorino reaches a certain level of experience and is exposed to the energy of a Moon Stone. Here are the steps involved in the evolution of Nidorino to Nidoking:

1. Acquisition: Nidorino is obtained by capturing or hatching a Nidoran♂, a small male Pokémon, which can be found in various regions throughout the Pokémon world.

2. Leveling up: To trigger the evolution, Nidorino must gain enough experience points and reach level 16. At this stage, Nidorino has matured and is ready to proceed towards its final form.

3. Moon Stone exposure: Once Nidorino has reached level 16, it needs to come into contact with the energy emitted by a Moon Stone. The Moon Stone is a special evolutionary item that can be found in certain areas or obtained through other means, such as from other trainers or in-game events.

4. Evolutionary transformation: When Nidorino is exposed to the Moon Stone, it undergoes a rapid metamorphosis, evolving into Nidoking. This transformation is permanent, and Nidoking gains enhanced abilities, a different appearance, and becomes a more formidable Pokémon overall.

It’s important to note that Nidoking’s evolution is triggered specifically by the combination of Nidorino’s level and exposure to the Moon Stone. Without these conditions being met, Nidorino will not evolve into Nidoking. Additionally, Nidoking cannot evolve any further, as it is already at its final evolutionary stage.

The evolution of Nidorino to Nidoking occurs when Nidorino reaches level 16 and is exposed to the energy of a Moon Stone. This process results in a significant transformation, granting Nidoking increased power and a new appearance.


Nidoran is a fascinating Pokémon that evolves into Nidorino and Nidorina. Nidoran♀ evolves into Nidorina at level 16, while Nidoran♂ evolves into Nidorino at the same level. These evolutions can also be triggered by exposing Nidorino or Nidorina to a Moon Stone, which is a relatively common item in the Pokémon world.

Nidorino is a Poison-type Pokémon with impressive abilities and moves. It is known for its strong horn and aggressive nature. It evolves into Nidoking when exposed to a Moon Stone, further enhancing its power and granting it new abilities.

Nidoran♀, on the other hand, evolves into Nidorina, a Poison-type Pokémon known for its defensive capabilities. It evolves into Nidoqueen at level 36, becoming an even more formidable force on the battlefield.

Both Nidorino and Nidorina have unique moves and abilities that make them valuable additions to any trainer’s team. Nidorino, for example, learns the powerful Horn Drill move, while Nidorina gains access to the highly sought-after Body Slam move at level 23.

Nidoran and its evolutions offer trainers a diverse range of strategies and options. Whether you choose to level them up or evolve them with a Moon Stone, these Pokémon are sure to impress with their strength, versatility, and unique abilities.

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