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Gloom, the Grass/Poison Pokémon, is a fascinating species that evolves from Oddish at level 21. Known for its unique appearance and pungent aroma, Gloom has the potential to evolve further into either Vileplume or Bellossom, depending on the evolutionary stone used.

To obtain a Vileplume, trainers must expose their Gloom to a Leaf Stone. This process can be done at any time after Gloom reaches level 21. However, for those seeking to maximize their Gloom’s battle potential, it is advisable to delay its evolution until it learns Solar Beam at level 46. This move is typically learned by Gloom at level 52, so it is advantageous to wait until level 46 is reached before evolving it into Vileplume.

Vileplume, a Grass/Poison type, is a formidable choice in raid battles and gym battles. However, it is important to note that in the current meta, other Grass types such as Venusaur, Roserade, and Sceptile reign supreme and outperform Vileplume. Thus, while Vileplume is a solid option, it may not be the top pick for these types of battles.

On the other hand, Bellossom is an alternative evolution for Gloom, achieved by exposing it to a Sun Stone. This evolution provides trainers with a Grass type Pokémon that excels in Trainer Battles. Bellossom’s unique moveset and stat distribution make it a valuable asset in these battles, allowing trainers to strategically outmaneuver their opponents.

Gloom evolves into either Vileplume or Bellossom depending on the evolutionary stone used. Evolving Gloom into Vileplume is recommended after it learns Solar Beam at level 46, as this move is typically learned at level 52. Vileplume is a strong choice for raid battles and gym battles, although other Grass types currently dominate the meta. Bellossom, on the other hand, is a better option for Trainer Battles, utilizing its unique moveset and stats to gain an advantage.

The decision of which evolution to pursue ultimately depends on the trainer’s preferences and battle strategy. Both Vileplume and Bellossom have their own merits and can be valuable assets in different scenarios. As with any Pokémon, it is important to consider the individual strengths and weaknesses of each species and choose the one that best suits your battling style.

What Are The 2 Evolutions Of Gloom?

Gloom, a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon, has two possible evolutions in the main series of Pokémon games. These evolutions are Vileplume and Bellossom. The evolution of Gloom depends on the evolution stone used on it. Here are the two evolution options for Gloom:

1. Vileplume: To evolve Gloom into Vileplume, you need to use a Grass Stone on it. This evolution stone triggers the transformation into Vileplume, which is also a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon. Vileplume is known for its large, vibrant flower on its head and its ability to release a sweet and soothing aroma. It is considered a powerful and versatile Pokémon in battles, often utilizing its toxic spores and various grass-based attacks.

2. Bellossom: The alternative evolution for Gloom is Bellossom, which requires the use of a Sun Stone. By using the Sun Stone on Gloom, it evolves into Bellossom, another Grass-type Pokémon. Bellossom is known for its graceful appearance and its ability to perform beautiful dances. It is associated with sunny weather and is said to thrive in areas with a lot of sunlight. Bellossom possesses a unique set of moves and abilities that make it a valuable addition to any team.

To summarize, Gloom has two possible evolutions: Vileplume, which is triggered by using a Grass Stone, and Bellossom, which is achieved by using a Sun Stone. Each evolution offers distinct characteristics and abilities, providing trainers with different strategic options in battles.

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What Level Should You Evolve Gloom?

Based on the evolution chart and moveset of Gloom, it is advisable to wait until it learns Solar Beam at level 46 before evolving it. This is because Gloom will not naturally learn Solar Beam until level 52, which is quite a few levels later. Therefore, it is more beneficial to delay its evolution until it has acquired this powerful move.

Once Gloom has learned Solar Beam at level 46, it is recommended to use a Leaf Stone to directly evolve it into a Vileplume. By doing so, you will not only have a stronger and more advanced form of Gloom but also benefit from its new moveset and abilities.

The suggested approach for evolving Gloom is as follows:

1. Delay Gloom’s evolution until it reaches level 46.
2. Ensure Gloom has learned Solar Beam at level 46.
3. Use a Leaf Stone to immediately evolve Gloom into Vileplume.

By following this strategy, you can maximize the potential of your Gloom and enhance its battling capabilities.

Which Is Better Bellossom Or Vileplume?

When comparing Bellossom and Vileplume, it is important to consider the specific context in which they are being evaluated. In raids and gyms, Vileplume is generally considered to be the better option due to its higher overall stats and move pool. However, when it comes to Trainer Battles, Bellossom often shines brighter.

In terms of raid and gym battles, Vileplume falls short compared to other Grass-type Pokémon such as Venusaur, Roserade, and Sceptile. These Pokémon not only have higher base stats, but they also possess more powerful and versatile moves. Vileplume’s performance in raids and gyms is further hindered by its lackluster moveset, limiting its effectiveness against raid bosses and defending gyms.

On the other hand, Bellossom outshines Vileplume in Trainer Battles. Its base stats may be lower, but Bellossom boasts a more diverse move pool and can learn moves that are particularly effective against certain types of Pokémon. Additionally, Bellossom’s access to moves like Leaf Blade and Dazzling Gleam allows it to deal significant damage to opponents in Trainer Battles, making it a viable choice in this context.

While Vileplume may be the preferred choice for raids and gyms due to its higher stats and move options, Bellossom proves to be a more formidable contender in Trainer Battles. Understanding the specific purpose and context in which these Pokémon are being evaluated will help determine which one is the better choice for your particular needs.

How Do You Evolve Gloom Into?

To evolve Gloom, you have two options depending on the desired outcome. One way is to use a Leaf Stone, which triggers its evolution into Vileplume. The other way is to use a Sun Stone, which causes it to evolve into Bellossom. Here are the steps for each evolution:

Evolution into Vileplume:
1. Capture or obtain an Oddish, a Grass/Poison type Pokémon.
2. Train and level up Oddish until it reaches level 21.
3. At level 21, Oddish will evolve into Gloom.
4. Acquire a Leaf Stone, which is an evolutionary stone.
5. Interact with Gloom and use the Leaf Stone on it.
6. As a result, Gloom will evolve into Vileplume, a powerful Grass/Poison type Pokémon with different abilities and characteristics.

Evolution into Bellossom:
1. Capture or obtain an Oddish, a Grass/Poison type Pokémon.
2. Train and level up Oddish until it reaches level 21.
3. At level 21, Oddish will evolve into Gloom.
4. Acquire a Sun Stone, which is another evolutionary stone.
5. Interact with Gloom and use the Sun Stone on it.
6. As a result, Gloom will evolve into Bellossom, a unique Grass type Pokémon with a different appearance and set of abilities.

Both Vileplume and Bellossom are powerful Pokémon in their respective evolutionary paths, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the player’s preference and the team composition they are aiming for.


Gloom is a unique Grass/Poison Pokémon that evolves from Oddish and has two possible evolution paths: Vileplume and Bellossom. To optimize its potential, it is recommended to delay its evolution until it learns Solar Beam at level 46, as this move is crucial for its battle effectiveness. However, if you prefer Vileplume over Bellossom, it is advisable to use a Leaf Stone once it has learned Solar Beam, as Vileplume outperforms Bellossom in raids and gym battles. In terms of the overall Grass meta, other Pokémon such as Venusaur, Roserade, and Sceptile currently dominate, making them more favorable choices. Nevertheless, Bellossom shines in Trainer Battles, showcasing its strength and versatility in those scenarios. Ultimately, the decision between Vileplume and Bellossom depends on your preferred battle style and priorities.

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