What level does Drowzee learn its moves?

Answered by John Hunt

Drowzee, the Hypnosis Pokémon, is known for its psychic abilities and sleep-inducing techniques. As an expert in Pokémon, I’m here to provide you with a detailed answer to your question about the levels at which Drowzee learns its moves. Let’s dive into the specific moves that Drowzee naturally learns and the levels at which it acquires them.

1. Pound (Level 1): Pound is a basic Normal-type move that Drowzee starts with right from Level 1. This move allows Drowzee to physically strike its opponent with a powerful blow, dealing damage.

2. Hypnosis (Level 1): Another move that Drowzee learns at Level 1 is Hypnosis. This move is a Psychic-type move that induces sleep in the opponent. Drowzee’s ability to put its foes to sleep makes it a formidable opponent in battles.

3. Disable (Level 12): At Level 12, Drowzee learns Disable. This move is a Psychic-type move that temporarily disables one of the opponent’s moves. By using Disable strategically, Drowzee can limit the options available to its opponent during battles.

4. Confusion (Level 17): Drowzee learns Confusion at Level 17. Confusion is a Psychic-type move that not only deals damage but also has a chance to confuse the opponent. This move showcases Drowzee’s psychic powers, allowing it to manipulate the minds of its adversaries.

5. Head Butt (Level 24): When Drowzee reaches Level 24, it learns the move Head Butt. Head Butt is a Normal-type move that involves Drowzee forcefully ramming its head into the opponent, dealing damage. This move adds a physical attack option to Drowzee’s move set.

6. Poison Gas (Level 29): At Level 29, Drowzee gains the ability to use Poison Gas. This move releases a toxic gas that poisons the opponent. Poisoning the opponent can gradually drain their health, giving Drowzee an advantage in battles.

7. Psychic (Level 32): Drowzee learns Psychic, a powerful Psychic-type move, at Level 32. This move deals significant damage to the opponent and has a chance to lower their Special Defense. Psychic showcases Drowzee’s expertise in psychic abilities and its ability to inflict mental damage on its foes.

8. Meditate (Level 37): Lastly, at Level 37, Drowzee learns Meditate. This move raises Drowzee’s Attack stat, allowing it to deal even more damage with its physical moves. Meditate enhances Drowzee’s offensive capabilities, making it a more formidable opponent.

Drowzee’s move set includes Pound and Hypnosis from Level 1, followed by Disable at Level 12, Confusion at Level 17, Head Butt at Level 24, Poison Gas at Level 29, Psychic at Level 32, and finally Meditate at Level 37. These moves highlight Drowzee’s diverse skill set, encompassing both physical and psychic techniques. With these moves, Drowzee can effectively battle a wide range of opponents and showcase its mastery over sleep-inducing and psychic abilities.