Witness Cranidos’ Fantastic Evolution

Cranidos is a fascinating Pokémon that can be found and captured in the Pokémon Legends: Arceus game. This Rock-type Pokémon has a unique evolution line and offers a formidable addition to any trainer’s team. In this article, we will delve into the details of Cranidos and explore the level at which it evolves.

Cranidos is the pre-evolved form of Rampardos, a powerful and imposing Pokémon. In order to obtain Rampardos, players must first capture a Cranidos and then level it up to a certain point. So, at what level does Cranidos evolve?

The answer is simple – Cranidos evolves into Rampardos once it reaches level 30. However, it is important to note that Cranidos needs to be revived from a Skull Fossil before it can evolve. Once revived, trainers can nurture and train their Cranidos until it reaches the required level for evolution.

Obtaining a Cranidos can be an exciting and rewarding experience. In the Pokémon Legends: Arceus game, Cranidos can be found in Space-Time Distortions. These distortions offer a unique and challenging environment for trainers to explore. It is worth mentioning that Cranidos can often be encountered at higher levels within these distortions, which means that trainers might be able to evolve their Cranidos immediately upon capture.

Rampardos, the evolved form of Cranidos, is a force to be reckoned with. This Rock-type Pokémon boasts incredible strength and a fearsome appearance. Its evolution from Cranidos at level 30 signifies a significant power boost, making it a valuable asset in battles and competitions.

Cranidos is a captivating Pokémon that evolves into the formidable Rampardos at level 30. Trainers can acquire Cranidos by capturing it in Space-Time Distortions and reviving it from a Skull Fossil. It is an exciting journey to nurture and train Cranidos, leading to an impressive evolution and the addition of a powerful Rock-type Pokémon to the team.

Remember, the world of Pokémon Legends: Arceus is vast and full of adventure. So, go out there, capture your own Cranidos, and witness its evolution into the mighty Rampardos. The possibilities are endless, and the thrill of becoming a skilled Pokémon trainer awaits you.

Does Cranidos Evolve Arceus?

Cranidos does not evolve into Arceus. Arceus is a separate Pokémon and does not have any evolutionary stages. Cranidos evolves into Rampardos, not Arceus.

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Is Rampardos The Final Evolution?

Rampardos is not the final evolution of Cranidos. After being revived from a Skull Fossil, Cranidos evolves into Rampardos at level 30. This means that Rampardos is the second and final stage of Cranidos’s evolutionary line. It is important to note that Cranidos can only evolve into Rampardos and does not have any further evolutions beyond that.

What Do You Need To Evolve Cranidos?

To evolve Cranidos into Rampardos, there are a few requirements that need to be met:

1. Level: Cranidos needs to reach level 30 in order to evolve into Rampardos. However, it is worth noting that Cranidos found inside Space-Time Distortions often spawn at level 35 or higher, which means players may be able to evolve their Cranidos immediately upon capture.

2. Evolution Stone: Unlike many other Pokémon evolutions, Cranidos does not require an evolution stone to evolve into Rampardos. Instead, it simply needs to reach the appropriate level.

3. Training and battles: In order to level up Cranidos, players will need to engage in battles and earn experience points. This can be done by battling other trainers, wild Pokémon, or participating in various in-game events.

4. Time and effort: Evolving Pokémon requires time and effort, as players need to invest in training and leveling up their Cranidos. This may involve grinding battles, using experience-enhancing items, or utilizing strategies to gain experience more efficiently.

Evolving Cranidos into Rampardos requires the Pokémon to reach level 30. It does not require an evolution stone and can be accomplished through training and battles. Players can expedite the evolution process by capturing higher-level Cranidos from Space-Time Distortions.


Cranidos is a unique and fascinating Pokémon that can be obtained in the game Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It is a Rock-type Pokémon that evolves into Rampardos at level 30. Cranidos is known for its distinctive appearance, with a large crest on its head and a sturdy build.

Obtaining Cranidos can be a rewarding experience for players, as it requires them to revive it from a Skull Fossil. This adds an element of excitement and adventure to the game, as players must embark on a quest to find and revive the fossil before they can obtain Cranidos.

Once obtained, Cranidos has the potential to evolve into Rampardos, a powerful and formidable Pokémon. This evolution occurs at level 30, making it relatively easy for players to evolve their Cranidos. Rampardos is known for its incredible strength and high attack stat, making it a valuable asset in battles.

Cranidos can be found in Space-Time Distortions within the game, and players may encounter Cranidos at higher levels. This provides an opportunity for players to evolve their Cranidos immediately after obtaining it, further enhancing its potential and usefulness in battles.

Cranidos is a Pokémon that offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Its evolution into Rampardos, along with its impressive strength and appearance, make it a valuable addition to any player’s team. So, players should be sure to seek out and obtain Cranidos to enhance their Pokémon roster and take on new challenges in the game.

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