What is water lock on Fitbit?

Answered by John Hunt

Water lock on Fitbit is a handy feature that helps prevent any accidental button presses or screen activations when you’re in water, such as during showering or swimming. It’s designed to ensure that your tracker remains water-resistant and functions properly even in wet conditions.

When you enable the water lock setting on your Fitbit device, it essentially locks the screen and buttons, so they don’t respond to any touch or pressure. This means that even if water comes into contact with your tracker, it won’t accidentally trigger any actions or change settings.

To activate water lock on your Fitbit, you usually need to follow a few simple steps. The exact method may vary slightly depending on the model of your device, but generally, you can access the water lock feature from the settings menu or by swiping down on the home screen and looking for the water drop icon.

Once you’ve enabled water lock, you’ll notice that your screen and buttons are now locked. This serves as a visual reminder that your tracker is in water lock mode and helps prevent any unwanted actions. While in this mode, you can still receive notifications and alarms on your tracker, but you’ll need to unlock the screen to interact with them.

To unlock the screen and regain full functionality of your tracker, you’ll typically need to follow the reverse steps of enabling water lock, such as accessing the settings menu or swiping down on the screen and tapping the water drop icon again. Once unlocked, you can use your Fitbit device as usual.

Water lock is particularly useful for activities like swimming or showering when there’s a higher chance of water coming into contact with your tracker. By preventing accidental button presses, it helps ensure that your Fitbit remains protected and continues to track your activity accurately.

I personally find the water lock feature on Fitbit very practical, especially when I’m swimming. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my tracker won’t be affected by water and won’t accidentally register any false readings. It’s also convenient to still receive notifications while in water lock mode, as I can quickly check them once I unlock the screen.

Water lock on Fitbit is a setting that helps prevent accidental button presses and screen activations when your tracker is exposed to water. By locking the screen and buttons, it ensures that your device remains water-resistant and functions properly in wet conditions.