What is the Viking symbol for luck?

Answered by Tom Adger

The Viking symbol for luck is often associated with the Fehu rune. As a rune, Fehu holds significant meaning in Norse culture and is widely recognized as a symbol of luck and prosperity. The word ‘fehu’ itself translates to ‘cattle’ in Old Norse, and cattle were highly valued in ancient Norse society.

In the early Norse culture, cattle were seen as a measure of wealth and abundance. They were not only a means of sustenance but also a form of currency and a symbol of status. Owning a large herd of cattle was a sign of prosperity and security. As such, the Fehu rune came to represent these concepts.

The Fehu rune is often depicted as a simple vertical line with two diagonal lines branching out from the top. This symbolizes the horns of a bull or a cow, further emphasizing its connection to cattle and wealth. It is important to note that the symbol itself is not limited to just luck, but encompasses the broader concept of prosperity and abundance.

In modern times, the Fehu rune is widely used as a talisman or charm to attract luck and good fortune. Many people incorporate it into their jewelry, tattoos, or even use it in rituals and spells. It is believed to bring about positive energy and opportunities for financial gain.

Personally, I have always found the Fehu rune to be a fascinating symbol. Its association with wealth and prosperity resonates with many people, myself included. I have seen individuals wearing Fehu rune pendants or carrying rune stones with the Fehu symbol during important events or situations where they seek luck and success.

Whether one believes in the mystical properties of the Fehu rune or not, it cannot be denied that it holds a significant place in Norse mythology and culture. Its enduring popularity as a symbol of luck and prosperity speaks to the deep-rooted beliefs and values of the Viking people.

The Viking symbol for luck is often represented by the Fehu rune. This rune, meaning ‘cattle’, symbolizes wealth and abundance in Norse culture. It is widely used today as a talisman for attracting luck and prosperity. The Fehu rune holds a special place in Norse mythology and continues to be embraced by many as a symbol of good fortune.