What is the relationship between Reyna and Neon?

Answered by Tom Adger

The relationship between Reyna and Neon is that of mentor and mentee, specifically in the context of Neon’s development as a Radiant. Reyna serves as one of Neon’s two ‘Radiant Mentors’, alongside Sage. Their role is to guide and assist Neon in honing her capabilities and powers as a Radiant.

Reyna’s approach to mentoring Neon is very direct and straightforward. She suggests that Neon should remove the surge protector on her back, which she refers to as a ‘Muzzle’. Reyna sees the surge protector as a hindrance to Neon’s true potential as a Radiant, and believes that she should be free of it in order to fully unleash her powers.

Reyna’s belief in removing the surge protector can be seen as a metaphor for breaking free from limitations and embracing one’s true abilities. She encourages Neon to embrace her power and not hold back, suggesting that by removing the surge protector, Neon can fully express herself as a Radiant.

The relationship between Reyna and Neon is characterized by a strong sense of guidance and support. Reyna takes on the role of a mentor who provides Neon with advice, encouragement, and direction. She is invested in Neon’s growth and development as a Radiant, and wants to help her reach her full potential.

However, it’s important to note that while Reyna’s approach may be direct, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is harsh or uncaring. Her intentions are rooted in wanting the best for Neon and pushing her to become the best version of herself. She believes in Neon’s abilities and wants her to embrace them fully.

In their interactions, Reyna may offer suggestions, provide feedback, and challenge Neon to push beyond her comfort zone. This dynamic allows for growth and learning, as Neon is pushed to explore the depths of her powers and discover new capabilities.

The relationship between Reyna and Neon can be described as one of mentorship, with Reyna guiding and supporting Neon in her journey as a Radiant.