What is the purse for the Saudi ladies golf?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

The purse for the 2023 Aramco Saudi Ladies International golf tournament is set at $5 million. This refers to the total prize money that will be distributed among the participants in the tournament. The winner of the tournament will receive a share of $750,000, which is 15 percent of the total purse.

The distribution of prize money in professional golf tournaments follows a standard chart set by the LPGA Tour. This chart specifies the percentage of the purse that each position in the tournament will receive. In this case, the winner’s share of 15 percent is in line with the standard payout.

It is worth noting that the purse for golf tournaments can vary widely depending on the event and its stature. Major championships such as the U.S. Open or the Women’s British Open often have higher purses compared to regular tour events. These significant tournaments attract top players from around the world and offer substantial prize money to the winners.

In the case of the Aramco Saudi Ladies International, while the purse may not be as high as some major championships, it still offers a substantial sum of money for the participants. This demonstrates the growing popularity and support for women’s golf, as well as the increasing investment and sponsorship in the sport.

The field of players competing in the Aramco Saudi Ladies International is expected to be strong, with notable names such as Lydia Ko, Atthaya Thitikul, and Aditi Ashok among the participants. These players have achieved success on the LPGA Tour and other international events, and their presence adds excitement and competitiveness to the tournament.

The purse for the 2023 Aramco Saudi Ladies International is set at $5 million, with the winner’s share amounting to $750,000. This reflects the significance of the tournament and the support it has garnered. The inclusion of top players in the field further enhances the event’s prestige and competitiveness.