What is the number one IPA beer?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

The number one IPA beer, according to ratings and rankings, is Susan from Hill Farmstead Brewery. This brewery, located in Greensboro Bend, Vermont, has gained a reputation for producing exceptional craft beers, and Susan is no exception.

I had the opportunity to try Susan during a visit to the brewery last year. The moment I took my first sip, I understood why it is highly regarded as the top IPA. The beer had a beautiful golden color, with a slight haze that hinted at its hoppy goodness. The aroma was incredibly inviting, with strong notes of citrus and pine, characteristic of American-style IPAs.

Upon tasting Susan, I was immediately struck by the balance it achieved between the bitterness of the hops and the sweetness of the malt. The flavors were complex and layered, with a prominent citrusy hop character that was both refreshing and satisfying. The beer had a medium body and a smooth mouthfeel, making it incredibly easy to drink.

What sets Susan apart from other IPAs is its exceptional craftsmanship. Hill Farmstead Brewery takes great care in sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and it shows in the final product. The hops used in Susan are carefully selected to provide a unique flavor profile, and the brewing process is meticulously controlled to ensure consistency and excellence.

While Susan may be the top-rated IPA, it is worth noting that taste is subjective, and preferences can vary from person to person. That being said, it is hard to argue with the overwhelming praise and positive reviews that Susan has received from beer enthusiasts and experts alike.

It is also important to mention that the craft beer industry is constantly evolving, with new breweries and beers emerging all the time. What may be considered the number one IPA today could easily be dethroned by a new contender in the future. Therefore, it is always worth exploring and trying different beers to discover personal favorites.

Susan from Hill Farmstead Brewery is widely regarded as the number one IPA beer. Its exceptional craftsmanship, balanced flavors, and overall quality make it a standout choice for beer enthusiasts. However, it is essential to keep in mind that taste is subjective, and individual preferences can vary. Exploring and trying different IPAs is part of the fun and excitement of the craft beer world. Cheers!