What is the marriage Rune?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

The Wedded Union rune is a significant symbol in the Shadowhunter world, representing the sacred bond of marriage between two individuals. This rune holds great importance and is exchanged by Shadowhunter couples during their wedding ceremony, serving as a substitute for traditional rings.

When a Shadowhunter couple decides to marry, they have the option to exchange the Wedded Union rune instead of rings. This choice reflects the unique traditions and practices of the Shadowhunter community, where runes play a vital role in their lives.

The Wedded Union rune is placed in two specific locations on each partner’s body. The first is placed on the back of the hand, symbolizing the physical connection between the couple. This location serves as a constant reminder of the commitment they have made to one another and the unity they share.

The second placement of the Wedded Union rune is over the heart, signifying the emotional bond between the two individuals. This placement represents the depth of love and affection they have for each other, as well as their unwavering devotion.

By exchanging these permanent runes, Shadowhunter couples bind themselves together in matrimony, promising to support, love, and cherish one another for the rest of their lives. This act holds immense significance within the Shadowhunter culture, as it solidifies the couple’s commitment and serves as a symbol of their shared journey.

The use of the Wedded Union rune as a substitute for rings is a unique tradition that sets Shadowhunter marriages apart from other cultures. While rings are commonly used in human weddings to symbolize the bond between spouses, Shadowhunters have incorporated their rune-based practices into their matrimonial rituals.

The Wedded Union rune represents more than just a physical symbol. It encapsulates the values and beliefs that Shadowhunters hold dear in their relationships. It signifies the importance of trust, loyalty, and unity within a marriage, reminding the couple of their responsibilities and obligations to one another.

Personal experiences and situations can vary greatly when it comes to the Wedded Union rune. Each Shadowhunter couple may have their own unique story and reasons for choosing this rune as a symbol of their marriage. Some may have grown up in families where this tradition has been passed down for generations, while others may have embraced it as a personal choice reflecting their beliefs and values.

The Wedded Union rune is a permanent symbol of marriage exchanged by Shadowhunter couples during their wedding ceremony. Placed on the back of the hand and over the heart, these runes bind the couple in a sacred union, representing their commitment, love, and unity. This unique tradition showcases the importance of runes in the Shadowhunter culture and serves as a constant reminder of the couple’s shared journey in matrimony.