What is the fastest way to get XP in Diablo 3?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

The fastest way to get XP in Diablo 3 is to first complete the story mode. This is because you need to progress through the campaign in order to unlock higher difficulty levels. Without progressing a character through the campaign, you won’t be able to select those higher difficulties.

Once you have completed the story mode, you can then jump into the game’s Adventure Mode. Adventure Mode allows you to explore the world of Diablo 3 freely and complete various tasks and bounties. This mode is great for earning XP quickly as there are many opportunities for combat and experience gain.

One effective strategy in Adventure Mode is to focus on completing Rifts. Rifts are randomly generated dungeons filled with enemies and bosses. They provide a significant amount of XP upon completion. You can choose to do regular Rifts or Greater Rifts, with Greater Rifts being more challenging but also offering higher rewards.

In addition to Rifts, you can also participate in Bounties. Bounties are specific tasks that you can complete in different areas of the game. They often involve killing a certain number of enemies or defeating specific bosses. Bounties provide XP rewards upon completion, making them another great way to earn experience quickly.

To maximize your XP gain, you can also equip gear that has experience bonuses. Look for items with the “Increased Experience” or “Bonus Experience” affixes. These items will boost the amount of XP you earn from killing enemies, allowing you to level up faster.

Another tip is to play in a group. When you play with other players, the game scales the difficulty and rewards accordingly. This means that you can tackle more challenging content and earn more XP as a group. Additionally, playing with others allows for more efficient farming and clears, as you can split up and cover more ground.

Lastly, consider using XP boosters or consumables. These items can be found or purchased in the game and provide temporary bonuses to your XP gain. They can be a great way to give yourself an extra boost when you’re looking to level up quickly.

The fastest way to get XP in Diablo 3 is to complete the story mode to unlock higher difficulty levels, then dive into Adventure Mode and focus on Rifts, Bounties, and playing in a group. Don’t forget to equip gear with experience bonuses and consider using XP boosters for an extra boost. Happy hunting!