What is the fastest shotgun in fortnite?

Answered by Willie Powers

The fastest shotgun in Fortnite is the auto shotgun. These guns have the highest fire rate among all the shotguns available in the game. They are designed to rapidly pump out bullets, allowing you to deal damage quickly. However, this high fire rate comes at a cost – auto shotguns sacrifice some damage in order to achieve their fast firing speed.

The auto shotgun’s main advantage is its impressive DPS (damage per second). With its rapid fire rate, it can dish out a significant amount of damage in a short amount of time. This makes it a formidable weapon in close quarters combat, where quick bursts of damage can be crucial for securing eliminations.

However, the downside of using an auto shotgun is that you will have to reload more frequently compared to other shotguns. Due to their fast fire rate, auto shotguns tend to have smaller ammo capacities and require frequent reloads. This can leave you vulnerable in close combat situations if you run out of ammo or get caught in the middle of a reload. It’s important to manage your ammunition well and find opportunities to reload safely.

In terms of gameplay, using an auto shotgun requires a different approach. You need to be more mindful of your ammo count and reload timings, as well as positioning yourself strategically to maximize your damage output. It’s crucial to balance aggression with caution, as you don’t want to be caught off guard while reloading.

Personal experience-wise, I have found the auto shotgun to be a great option for aggressive playstyles. Its high fire rate can catch opponents off guard and quickly eliminate them. However, I have also experienced situations where I was caught in a vulnerable state due to frequent reloads, especially in intense close combat encounters.

The auto shotgun is the fastest shotgun in Fortnite with its rapid fire rate. It offers high DPS but sacrifices some damage in return. While it can be a powerful weapon in close quarters combat, its frequent reloads make you more vulnerable. It’s important to manage your ammo and reload timings wisely to avoid being caught in a disadvantageous situation.