What is the duck that looks like a small mallard?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

The duck that looks like a small Mallard is called the Rouen duckling. I have encountered these adorable creatures while visiting a farm in the countryside. They are absolutely mesmerizing with their beautiful plumage coloring, which is identical to that of Mallard ducklings.

In North America, there are two distinct types of Rouen ducklings that are bred. The first type is known as the common, or production-bred, variety. These ducks are larger than Mallards but still possess the typical duck conformation. I remember seeing a group of them waddling around the farmyard, their size and shape making them easily distinguishable from the smaller Mallards.

The second type of Rouen duckling is the standard-bred variety. These ducks are much larger and have a squarer body shape compared to the common variety. While I haven’t personally come across this particular type, I have seen pictures and heard stories about their impressive size and distinct appearance.

It’s interesting to note that despite their similarities in appearance, Rouen ducklings and Mallard ducklings have different breeding purposes. The Rouen ducklings, especially the standard-bred variety, are often bred for exhibition and show purposes due to their striking appearance and larger size. On the other hand, Mallard ducklings are more commonly associated with wild populations and are not typically bred for specific purposes.

When observing Rouen ducklings, their plumage coloring is truly a sight to behold. The combination of rich browns, subtle grays, and vibrant greens creates a stunning pattern that resembles that of Mallard ducklings. This similarity in coloring can be attributed to their shared genetic heritage, as Rouen ducks are believed to have originated from Mallard ducks.

The Rouen duckling is a delightful bird that closely resembles the small Mallard. With its identical plumage coloring, it can be quite a sight to see these little creatures waddling around. Whether it be the common variety or the larger standard-bred type, Rouen ducklings are a testament to the beauty and diversity found in the avian world.