What is the difference between cooking wine and drinking wine?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

When it comes to wine, there are two main categories: cooking wine and drinking wine. The main difference between the two lies in their quality and purpose.

Let’s start with drinking wine, also known as regular wine. This is the type of wine that you would typically enjoy in a glass, savoring the flavors and aromas. Regular wine is made with high-quality grapes and undergoes a careful fermentation process, resulting in a refined and delicious end product.

Regular wine is often enjoyed on its own or paired with different dishes. It is known for its complex flavors, ranging from fruity and floral to earthy and oaky. The taste of regular wine can vary depending on the grape variety used, the region it comes from, and the winemaking techniques employed.

Drinking wine is meant to be enjoyed and savored. Its flavors are more pronounced and the overall drinking experience is more enjoyable. You can truly appreciate the nuances and intricacies of a well-made regular wine.

On the other hand, cooking wine serves a different purpose. It is specifically made for culinary applications and is not meant to be consumed on its own. Cooking wine is typically made with lower-quality grapes and undergoes a simpler fermentation process.

The main difference between regular wine and cooking wine lies in the flavors and intensity. Cooking wine is often more concentrated and has a stronger taste compared to regular wine. It is specifically formulated to add flavor to dishes without overpowering them.

The flavors of cooking wine are often described as rich, robust, and slightly salty. It can enhance the taste of sauces, marinades, and stews, adding depth and complexity to your dishes. However, the flavors of cooking wine may not be as refined or enjoyable on their own as regular wine.

It’s worth noting that cooking wine often contains added salt and preservatives to extend its shelf life. These additives can alter the taste and overall quality of the wine. Therefore, it is generally recommended to use drinking wine in cooking when possible, as it will provide a better flavor profile to your dishes.

The main difference between cooking wine and drinking wine lies in their quality and purpose. Drinking wine is higher in quality, more flavorful, and enjoyable to drink on its own. Cooking wine, on the other hand, is specifically made for culinary applications and is meant to enhance the flavors of dishes without being consumed as a beverage.