What is the cursive of x?

Answered by Michael Wilson

The cursive form of the letter x is quite similar to its handwritten counterpart. In cursive, the lowercase x is written with a loop at the top, which then curves back down and connects to the next letter. This loop is often created by starting with a small downward stroke, curving it to the right, and then bringing it back up and around. The resulting shape resembles a lowercase e, but with a loop at the top.

When writing words in cursive, the letter x typically connects to the letter e. This connection is made by continuing the loop of the x and smoothly transitioning into the e. This connection helps to maintain the flow of the handwriting and create a cohesive appearance.

To give you an idea of how the cursive x looks in context, let’s consider the word “example.” In cursive, the x connects to the e, forming a smooth transition between the two letters. This connection is achieved by extending the loop of the x and curving it into the e, creating a visually pleasing and readable word.

It’s worth noting that cursive handwriting can vary slightly between individuals, as everyone has their own unique style. However, the basic form of the cursive x remains consistent, with its loop and connection to the letter e.

The cursive form of the letter x closely resembles its handwritten version. It is characterized by a loop at the top, which smoothly connects to the next letter, often the letter e in words. This connection helps maintain the flow and legibility of cursive handwriting.