What is the brown liquid from cats?

Answered by Robert Dupre

So, you want to know about the brown liquid that sometimes comes out of a cat’s anus? Well, let me tell you, it’s not the most pleasant thing to deal with, but it’s actually quite common in cats. This brown liquid is usually anal gland secretions.

Now, let me explain what anal glands are. Cats have these small sacs located on either side of their anus, and these sacs produce a smelly fluid. This fluid is typically a tan or brown color, and it has a very distinct odor. The purpose of these glands is not entirely understood, but it’s believed that they play a role in marking territory and communication.

Sometimes, cats will naturally express these glands on their own when they defecate. You may notice a little bit of the brown liquid coming out along with their feces. However, there are certain situations where a cat may have trouble expressing their anal glands, which can lead to them leaking or even rupturing.

One common reason for this is when a cat is scared or stressed. Just like how skunks spray when they feel threatened, cats may involuntarily express their anal glands as a defense mechanism. So, if your cat has been frightened or anxious lately, that could be the reason behind the brown liquid you’re seeing.

Another possibility is that the anal glands have become impacted or infected. When the sacs get clogged or inflamed, they may leak or rupture, causing the brown liquid to come out. This can happen if a cat’s stools are too soft, which doesn’t put enough pressure on the glands to naturally express them.

If your cat’s anal glands have ruptured, you may notice more than just a small amount of fluid. There could be swelling, redness, and even blood in the area. This is a more serious situation and requires immediate veterinary attention.

To help prevent issues with anal gland leakage, you can try to keep your cat’s stools firm by feeding them a balanced diet with plenty of fiber. Additionally, regular grooming and hygiene practices can help keep the anal area clean and reduce the risk of infection.

The brown liquid you’re seeing near your cat’s anus is most likely anal gland secretions. While it may not be the most pleasant thing to deal with, it’s a normal bodily function for cats. However, if you notice any concerning symptoms or if the leakage persists, it’s always best to consult with a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.