What is the best civilization in Stellaris?

Answered by Michael Wilson

The best civilization in Stellaris is a subjective topic, as it depends on each player’s playstyle and preferences. However, Hegemon is often regarded as one of the strongest Origins in the game due to its expansionist nature and the advantages it provides.

The Hegemon Origin allows players to start the game with a fully developed capital planet and a vassal empire. This gives players a significant head start by providing them with a strong economy and a vassal that can contribute to their military and research efforts. The fully developed capital planet ensures that players have a solid foundation to expand their empire from the very beginning.

One of the key advantages of the Hegemon Origin is the vassal empire. Having a vassal means that players can delegate some tasks to their vassal, such as managing sectors or controlling specific systems. This frees up the player’s time and allows them to focus on other aspects of their empire, such as research, diplomacy, or military expansion. Additionally, the vassal can also provide resources and contribute to the player’s overall power.

Another benefit of the Hegemon Origin is the diplomatic advantage it provides. With a vassal empire, players can form diplomatic alliances and federations more easily. This can be especially advantageous in multiplayer games, where cooperation and alliances can play a crucial role in the outcome of the game. By having a vassal, players can negotiate and form alliances from a position of strength, making it easier to secure favorable diplomatic agreements.

Furthermore, the Hegemon Origin synergizes well with other expansionist playstyles. Players can use their vassal to conquer new territories, while they focus on developing their core systems. This allows for rapid expansion and the acquisition of new resources and territory. Additionally, the Hegemon Origin provides a strong economy from the start, allowing players to quickly build up their military and research capabilities.

In my personal experience, playing as a Hegemon has been incredibly rewarding. The early advantages provided by the fully developed capital planet and the vassal empire allowed me to quickly establish a powerful empire. I was able to focus on expanding my territory and forging diplomatic alliances, while my vassal empire provided resources and helped defend my borders. This allowed me to become a dominant force in the galaxy and secure victory in the game.

While the best civilization in Stellaris ultimately depends on personal playstyle and preferences, the Hegemon Origin is often considered one of the strongest choices. Its expansionist nature, diplomatic advantages, and the benefits provided by the vassal empire make it a formidable option for players looking to establish a powerful and dominant empire.