What is strong against Pyro Genshin Impact?

Answered by Michael Wilson

In Genshin Impact, Pyro is one of the seven elemental types, and each element has its own strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to Pyro, there are three main elements that are particularly effective against it: Cryo, Electro, and Hydro. Let’s take a closer look at these elements and how they interact with Pyro.

1. Cryo (Ice)
Cryo is the elemental type that is strong against Pyro. The Cryo element has the ability to freeze enemies, causing them to become immobilized for a period of time. Additionally, Cryo attacks can also remove the Cryo armor from Pyro foes, leaving them vulnerable to further damage. This is especially useful when dealing with enemies that have a strong Pyro presence, as it allows you to neutralize their elemental advantage and deal more damage.

2. Electro (Electricity)
Electro is another element that is strong against Pyro. When an Electro attack is used against a Pyro enemy, it triggers the Superconduct reaction. This reaction deals additional Cryo-based damage to the enemy, making it an effective way to deal with Pyro foes. By combining the power of electricity and Cryo, you can exploit the weaknesses of Pyro enemies and deal significant damage.

3. Hydro (Water)
Hydro is the third element that can be effective against Pyro. While it doesn’t directly counter Pyro, Hydro attacks have the ability to freeze enemies when combined with Cryo. This freeze effect can be used to immobilize Pyro enemies, giving you the opportunity to deal damage without the risk of being attacked. Additionally, the frozen state can also prime the enemy for the Superconduct reaction, allowing you to deal even more damage with Cryo or Electro attacks.

By utilizing these elements strategically, you can exploit the weaknesses of Pyro enemies and gain an advantage in battles. Whether it’s using Cryo to remove their armor and deal damage, triggering Superconduct with Electro attacks, or freezing enemies with Hydro to gain control of the battlefield, understanding the elemental interactions in Genshin Impact can greatly enhance your combat effectiveness.

In my personal experience, I have found that having a team composition that includes characters with Cryo, Electro, and Hydro abilities can be incredibly effective when facing Pyro enemies. By combining the strengths of these elements and coordinating your attacks, you can overcome even the toughest Pyro foes. Additionally, it’s important to note that elemental reactions can also be amplified by using characters with specific abilities or talents that enhance the damage of these reactions. So, it’s worth exploring the abilities of your characters and experimenting with different team compositions to find the most effective strategies against Pyro enemies.

Understanding the elemental strengths and weaknesses in Genshin Impact is crucial for success in battles. By utilizing the strengths of Cryo, Electro, and Hydro against Pyro enemies, you can maximize your damage output and overcome challenging encounters. So, be sure to experiment with different elemental combinations and team compositions to find the most effective strategies for dealing with Pyro in Genshin Impact.