What is slang for big head?

Answered by Tom Adger

One slang term that can be used to describe someone with a big head or an inflated ego is “bigmouth.” This term implies that the person is constantly bragging or boasting about their accomplishments or abilities. They are often seen as self-centered and unwilling to listen to others.

Another slang term used in Australian and New Zealand English is “skite” or “skiter.” This term refers to someone who is constantly boasting or showing off, especially about their achievements. It carries a negative connotation and is often used to criticize someone for being arrogant or egotistical.

In Australian slang, another term that is commonly used to describe a person with a big head is “figjam.” This term stands for “F* I’m Good, Just Ask Me.” It illustrates the idea that the person thinks very highly of themselves and believes they are superior to others. It is a humorous way of mocking someone who is overly confident and self-absorbed.

When using slang terms to describe someone with a big head, it is important to note that these words are informal and may not be appropriate in all situations. They are often used in casual conversations or among friends, but may come across as disrespectful or offensive in more formal settings.

Personally, I have encountered individuals who fit the description of having a big head. I remember a colleague who would constantly brag about their achievements and belittle others’ contributions. They would often dominate conversations and dismiss any ideas or opinions that did not align with their own. It was frustrating to interact with someone who seemed to think they were always right and superior to everyone else.

Slang terms such as “bigmouth,” “skite,” “skiter,” and “figjam” can be used to describe someone with a big head or inflated ego. These terms highlight the individual’s tendency to boast, show off, and think highly of themselves. However, it is important to use these terms with caution, as they are informal and may be considered disrespectful in certain contexts.