Safety Sealed with Sirius Guardian

SiriusXM Guardian is a comprehensive safety and security service offered by SiriusXM, the popular satellite radio provider. This service provides peace of mind for drivers and their passengers by offering a range of GPS-based features and remote services. In addition, it allows users to stay connected with their vehicles even when they are not physically present.

One of the key features of SiriusXM Guardian is its safety services. These services include Automatic Crash Notification, which provides immediate assistance in the event of a collision. In the event of an accident, the system will automatically alert emergency personnel and provide them with the vehicle’s location, enabling quick response times and potentially saving lives.

Another important safety feature is Roadside Assistance, which can be a real lifesaver in case of a breakdown or other vehicle-related issues. With just a push of a button, drivers can connect with a trained operator who can provide assistance and dispatch help to their location.

SiriusXM Guardian also offers stolen vehicle assistance, which can help in the unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen. The service allows you to report the theft and provides assistance to help locate and recover your vehicle.

In addition to these safety features, SiriusXM Guardian offers a range of convenient remote services. For example, users can remotely lock and unlock their doors, start their engine, and even adjust the climate control system. This can be particularly useful on hot or cold days, as it allows you to cool down or warm up your vehicle before you get in.

Furthermore, SiriusXM Guardian provides access to a variety of information services, including traffic and weather updates. This allows drivers to stay informed about road conditions and plan their routes accordingly. Additionally, users can access local weather forecasts, gas prices, sports scores, and movie times and locations, all from the comfort of their vehicle.

To access SiriusXM Guardian, you need to have a compatible vehicle equipped with the necessary hardware. Once activated, you can control and monitor your vehicle through the SiriusXM Guardian app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

It’s important to note that SiriusXM Guardian is a subscription-based service, and there is a monthly fee associated with it. However, the peace of mind and convenience it provides can be well worth the cost.

SiriusXM Guardian is a comprehensive safety and security service that offers a range of features to keep you and your vehicle safe and connected. From automatic crash notification to roadside assistance and remote services, it provides a valuable layer of protection and convenience for drivers. So, if you’re looking for peace of mind and the ability to stay connected with your vehicle, SiriusXM Guardian may be worth considering.

What Is The Cost Of SiriusXM Guardian?

The cost of SiriusXM Guardian is $25.98 per month. With this subscription, you can enjoy peace of mind for yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle by utilizing GPS-based safety and security services. These services offer various features to ensure your safety and security, such as automatic collision notification, SOS emergency calling, and stolen vehicle assistance.

Moreover, SiriusXM Guardian also keeps you connected with remote services. This means you can access your vehicle remotely using your smartphone or computer. You can lock/unlock your doors, start your engine, and even honk the horn, all from the convenience of your phone.

With SiriusXM Guardian, you not only get essential safety and security services but also the ability to stay connected and in control of your vehicle, all for just $25.98 per month.

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How Do I Turn Off SiriusXM Guardian?

To turn off SiriusXM Guardian, you have a couple of options depending on your circumstances:

1. Call SiriusXM Guardian Customer Care: You can cancel your subscription by calling SiriusXM Guardian Customer Care toll-free at 1-844-796-4827. Their representatives will guide you through the cancellation process and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

2. Online Cancellation (for certain states and circumstances): If you purchased your subscription online and meet specific criteria, you may be able to cancel online. However, this option is only available to residents of certain states and in certain other circumstances. To cancel online, you need to log in to your SiriusXM Guardian account and follow the cancellation instructions provided.

Remember, if you choose to cancel your SiriusXM Guardian subscription, you will no longer have access to the services and features offered by the Guardian system. It’s essential to consider the implications before making your decision.

Please note that the availability of cancellation methods may vary, so it’s always best to contact SiriusXM Guardian Customer Care to determine the most suitable option for your situation.

Does SiriusXM Guardian Have Navigation?

SiriusXM Guardian does have navigation capabilities. With SiriusXM Guardian, you can access a range of navigation features to help you find your way. These include real-time traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions, and points of interest such as restaurants, gas stations, and attractions.

Here are some key features of the navigation system offered by SiriusXM Guardian:

1. Real-time Traffic Updates: SiriusXM Guardian provides up-to-date traffic information, including accidents, road closures, and congestion. This helps you plan your route and avoid delays.

2. Turn-by-Turn Directions: The navigation system offers voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions to help you reach your destination efficiently. You can also view a visual map display on your vehicle’s infotainment screen.

3. Points of Interest: SiriusXM Guardian includes a comprehensive database of points of interest, such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and landmarks. You can search for specific categories or browse nearby options.

4. Route Optimization: The navigation system can calculate the most efficient route based on factors like distance, traffic conditions, and estimated travel time. This helps you save time and fuel.

5. Destination Entry: You can enter your destination using various methods, including typing an address, selecting a point of interest from the database, or using voice commands. The system also offers predictive text and auto-complete features for faster input.

6. Map Updates: SiriusXM Guardian regularly updates its navigation maps to ensure accurate and reliable guidance. These updates may include new roads, changes in traffic patterns, and updated points of interest.

It’s important to note that the availability of navigation features may vary depending on your vehicle’s make, model, and trim level. It’s recommended to consult your vehicle’s manual or contact SiriusXM customer support for specific information regarding your navigation capabilities.

Why Is My SiriusXM Guardian Not Working?

There could be several reasons why your SiriusXM Guardian is not working. Here are some possible explanations:

1. Subscription expiration: Check if your SiriusXM Guardian subscription is still active. If it has expired, you may need to renew your subscription to regain access to the service.

2. App version: Ensure that you have the latest version of the SiriusXM Guardian app installed on your smartphone. Visit your phone’s app store and check for any available updates. It’s also a good idea to delete and reinstall the app to ensure a fresh installation.

3. Connectivity issues: Check your internet or cellular connection. SiriusXM Guardian requires a stable internet connection to function properly. If you are experiencing connectivity issues, try switching to a different network or restarting your device.

4. GPS signal: SiriusXM Guardian relies on GPS signal for certain features like stolen vehicle assistance and vehicle location services. If you are having trouble with these features, make sure your device has a clear line of sight to the sky to receive GPS signals.

5. Vehicle compatibility: Confirm that your vehicle is compatible with SiriusXM Guardian. Not all vehicles support this feature, so check your vehicle’s specifications or contact the manufacturer to verify compatibility.

6. Service outages: Occasionally, SiriusXM Guardian may experience service outages or maintenance. Check the SiriusXM website or their social media channels for any announcements regarding service interruptions.

If none of these solutions resolve the issue, you may need to contact SiriusXM customer support for further assistance. They will be able to troubleshoot specific issues and provide guidance based on your situation.


SiriusXM Guardian is a comprehensive safety and security service that provides peace of mind for both you and your vehicle. With a GPS-based system, it offers a range of features to ensure your safety on the road. This service allows you to stay connected and informed with remote services, such as locking and unlocking your car, starting the engine, and even locating your vehicle if it’s lost or stolen.

In addition to these security features, SiriusXM Guardian also provides various traffic and weather services. You can access detailed local weather reports, gas prices, sports scores, and movie times and locations. This ensures that you are always informed and prepared for your journey.

To cancel your subscription, you can contact SiriusXM Guardian Customer Care toll-free or, in certain circumstances, cancel online if you purchased your subscription online and are a resident of certain states. It is important to note that the subscription fee for SiriusXM Guardian is $25.98 per month.

SiriusXM Guardian offers a comprehensive package of safety, security, and convenience features to enhance your driving experience. Whether you’re looking for peace of mind on the road or staying connected with the latest information, SiriusXM Guardian has you covered.

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