What is Robert Frost’s favorite poem?

Answered by Edward Huber

In his essay “Robert Frost’s Favorite Poem,” M. Arthur Bleau shares a heartwarming anecdote that sheds light on what Frost himself considered to be his favorite poem. The circumstances surrounding this particular poem’s creation speak to the essence of Frost’s writing and his deep connection to nature and family.

The story takes place during Christmastime, a time of joy and celebration for many, but for Frost and his family, it was a time of financial struggle. Living on a farm, Frost found himself in a situation where there was no extra money for presents. This backdrop sets the stage for the inspiration behind Frost’s favorite poem.

As Frost contemplated the approaching holiday season and the lack of material gifts he could provide for his loved ones, he turned to his surroundings for solace. He sought refuge in the beauty of nature, which proved to be a constant source of inspiration for him throughout his career. It was in this moment of introspection that Frost’s favorite poem was born.

While the specific poem is not mentioned in Bleau’s essay, one can infer that it likely embodies Frost’s characteristic themes of nature, family, and the human experience. Frost’s deep appreciation for the simple and profound moments in life is evident in much of his work, and it is these qualities that likely contributed to his choice of favorite poem.

Frost’s favorite poem is a reflection of his values and the way he saw the world. It serves as a reminder that material possessions are not the true measure of happiness and that the most meaningful gifts are often intangible. This sentiment is particularly poignant during the holiday season, when the focus tends to shift towards consumerism rather than the deeper connections we share with our loved ones.

In my own experience, I have found that the most cherished gifts are not the ones that come wrapped in shiny paper, but rather the moments of genuine connection and love that we share with others. Like Frost, I have come to appreciate the beauty of nature and its ability to soothe and inspire. It is in these moments of reflection that we can find solace and create something truly meaningful, just as Frost did with his favorite poem.

To sum up, while the specific poem is not revealed in Bleau’s essay, the circumstances surrounding its creation provide insight into what Frost considered to be his favorite. The Christmas season, financial limitations, and a deep connection to nature and family all played a role in inspiring Frost’s favorite poem. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of intangible gifts and the power of nature to provide solace and inspiration.