What is Pinterest username?

Answered by Jason Smith

Pinterest username is the unique identifier that is used in the URL of your Pinterest page. It is the part that comes after “pinterest.com/” in the web address. For example, if your username is “username123”, your Pinterest page URL would be “www.pinterest.com/username123”.

However, it is important to note that your username is not the name that is displayed on your Pinterest profile. The name that is displayed on your profile, and the one that people use to search for you on Pinterest, is your display name.

Your display name is what appears at the top of your Pinterest profile, and it can be different from your username. It is the name that you choose to represent yourself on Pinterest and can be changed at any time.

When choosing a Pinterest username, it is recommended to pick something that is easy to remember and represents your brand or personal identity. It should be unique and not already taken by another user. Using your business name or a variation of your name can be a good choice for a username.

It is worth mentioning that Pinterest has certain guidelines and restrictions when it comes to choosing a username. It should not contain any offensive or inappropriate language, and it should not infringe on any trademarks or copyrights.

To change your Pinterest username or display name, you can go to your Pinterest settings and edit your profile information. Keep in mind that changing your username will also change your Pinterest page URL, so it is advisable to choose a username that you are happy with for the long term.

Your Pinterest username is the unique identifier used in your Pinterest page URL, while your display name is the name that is displayed on your profile and used for searching on Pinterest. It is important to choose a username and display name that represent you or your brand effectively.