What is New Hampshire’s dog?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

New Hampshire’s official state dog is the Chinook, a breed that originated in the state and holds a unique place in American dog breed history. The Chinook is a sled and work dog that was created by Arthur Walden in Wonalancet, New Hampshire in 1917.

The Chinook’s designation as the official state dog of New Hampshire is a testament to its importance and significance to the state. It is the only breed that can claim New Hampshire as its place of origin, making it a truly special and cherished part of the state’s heritage.

The breed’s history is intertwined with the story of Arthur Walden, a New Hampshire native and sled dog driver. Walden was an experienced outdoorsman and had a deep appreciation for the strength and endurance of sled dogs. He wanted to create a breed that could excel in sled dog racing and work in the harsh winter conditions of New England.

Walden began his breeding program by crossing a Mastiff-type dog named “Chinook” with a Greenland Husky named “Polar.” The resulting offspring were then bred with other sled dogs, including German Shepherds and Belgian Sheepdogs, to refine the breed further. Walden focused on producing dogs that were strong, intelligent, and had a friendly and cooperative nature.

The Chinook quickly gained recognition for its exceptional qualities. The breed’s strength and endurance made it well-suited for sled dog racing and hauling heavy loads. Its friendly and cooperative nature also made it a beloved family companion and a reliable working dog.

Despite its successes and popularity, the Chinook faced challenges in maintaining its population. At one point, there were only 11 known Chinooks in existence. However, dedicated breed enthusiasts and organizations worked tirelessly to preserve and promote the breed, ensuring its survival.

Today, the Chinook is still relatively rare, but its unique history and qualities continue to captivate dog lovers. The breed is known for its muscular build, striking appearance, and friendly disposition. Chinooks are adaptable and versatile dogs, excelling in various activities such as sledding, skijoring, agility, and obedience.

As the official state dog of New Hampshire, the Chinook holds a special place in the hearts of residents and represents the state’s rich heritage. Its designation serves as a reminder of the breed’s origins and the significant contributions of Arthur Walden and other dedicated individuals in preserving and promoting the Chinook.

The Chinook is New Hampshire’s official state dog. Its unique history as the only breed originating in the state, coupled with its exceptional qualities as a sled and work dog, make it a deserving representative of New Hampshire’s canine heritage.