What is migrate in Tachiyomi?

Answered by Edward Huber

In Tachiyomi, migration refers to the process of transferring manga between different sources while retaining your reading progress. This feature is particularly useful when a manga source becomes inaccessible or when another source offers more up-to-date content.

Migrations in Tachiyomi allow users to seamlessly switch between different manga sources without losing track of their progress. This means that if you were reading a manga on one source and it becomes unavailable or outdated, you can easily migrate it to another source and continue reading from where you left off.

To initiate a migration in Tachiyomi, you need to first identify a suitable alternative source for the manga you want to migrate. Tachiyomi supports a wide range of manga sources, so you can explore different options to find the one that best suits your preferences.

Once you have chosen a new source, follow these steps to migrate a manga in Tachiyomi:

1. Open the Tachiyomi app and navigate to the Manga tab.
2. Locate the manga you want to migrate and long-press on its cover.
3. A contextual menu will appear with various options. Select the “Migrate” option.
4. Tachiyomi will prompt you to choose the source you want to migrate to. Select the desired source from the list.
5. The migration process will begin, and Tachiyomi will attempt to match the migrated manga with the corresponding chapters in the new source.
6. Once the migration is complete, you will find the manga listed under the new source. You can now continue reading from where you left off, without losing any progress.

It’s important to note that when you migrate a manga in Tachiyomi, the downloaded chapters do not transfer automatically. Therefore, if you had previously downloaded chapters for offline reading, you will need to re-download them from the new source.

Migrations in Tachiyomi provide great flexibility and convenience for manga readers. They ensure that you can continue enjoying your favorite manga even if the original source becomes unavailable or outdated. With a wide range of manga sources supported by Tachiyomi, you have the freedom to choose the most suitable source for your reading preferences.

Personally, I have found the migration feature in Tachiyomi to be incredibly useful. There have been instances when my preferred manga source stopped working or did not have the latest chapters available. In such situations, being able to quickly migrate the manga to another source allowed me to continue reading without any interruptions. It saved me the hassle of manually searching for the manga on different sources and trying to remember my progress.

The migration feature in Tachiyomi enhances the manga reading experience by providing a seamless transition between different sources. Whether it’s due to an inaccessible source or a desire for more up-to-date content, Tachiyomi’s migration feature ensures that you can migrate your manga effortlessly while retaining your reading progress.