What is meant by ditto mark?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

A ditto mark, often referred to as ditto marks, is a pair of small marks (″) that are used to indicate the repetition of something. These marks are usually placed beneath the thing that is being repeated. The term “ditto” itself comes from the Italian word “detto,” which means “said” or “the same.”

Ditto marks serve as a shorthand way of indicating that the same information or text is being repeated. They are commonly used in various contexts, such as in lists or tables, to avoid the need for extensive repetition. Instead of writing out the same information multiple times, one can simply use ditto marks to indicate that the previous entry or value is being repeated.

For example, let’s say you are creating a list of names and ages for a group of people. Instead of writing out the name and age for each person, you can use ditto marks to show that the same information applies to multiple individuals. It would look something like this:

John 25
Jane ″
Mark ″
Sarah ″

In this case, the ditto marks indicate that Jane, Mark, and Sarah all have the same age as John, which is 25.

Ditto marks can also be used in other situations where repetition is necessary, such as in musical notation. In sheet music, ditto marks can be used to indicate that a previous section or phrase should be repeated.

Ditto marks are a simple and efficient way to indicate repetition in written or printed material. They help to avoid unnecessary duplication of information and make the text more concise. By using ditto marks, one can convey the repeated information clearly and effectively.